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DCPS Process and Requirements to Conduct Research or Obtain Confidential Data

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We want to make DCPS the best urban school district in the country. To this end, we welcome high-quality research in DCPS and with DCPS data and we strive to create the conditions for research that is respectful of instructional time and individual privacy.

  • DCPS believes in the power of research to improve the body of knowledge related to learning and development. DCPS welcomes partnerships with the research community that appreciably benefit DCPS, its students and/or its staff, to the extent that their findings and results will be shared with DCPS to improve public education.
  • We exclusively approve proposals that meet professional standards for research design and ethical practices, and have merit and relevance for the school system.
  • “Research” refers to any activity aiming at increasing our body of knowledge, and encompasses all investigation, measurement, and evaluation activities, including design, pilots, data collection and analysis, interpretation of results, and conclusions and recommendations. Data collection includes, but is not limited to, interviews, focus groups, surveys, tests, observations, ethnographic studies, case studies, analysis of written documents, records, tables, primary and secondary data, and experimental designs. 

Download DCPS Process and Requirements to Conduct Research or Obtain Confidential Data

This documents governs requests for data (and research based on data) that:

  • Exist, or must be constructed based on existing data, or do not exist and must be collected.
  • Are disaggregate (including student- and other individual-level data), as well as aggregate data where identification is possible explicitly or implicitly (e.g., school-level data on subgroups where some subgroups have a size of one).

Please direct all inquiries to:

Kelly Linker
Office of Data and Accountability
Phone: (202) 724-4651

For non-confidential data requests, non-DCPS employees should email a cover sheet to Kelly Linker per the directions outlined in the document above. Aggregate data requests are generally filled in two to four weeks depending on the workload of Office of Data and Accountability staff. 

DCPS employees should submit their requests directly in the Data Request Tool.

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