Recommended Routes 

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Over the past eight months, DCPS has led an inter-agency working group comprised of representatives from the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), Department of Parks and Recreation’s (DPR) Roving Leaders Program, Department of Transportation (DDOT), Metro Transit Police (MTPD), the DCPS Office of School Security (OSS), and individual school leaders, to review travel routes and determine the best routes for those students who are impacted by recent school consolidations.

The inter-agency working group examined likely walking and public transportation routes, evaluated resources currently in place, and made adjustments as necessary to ensure the needs of each community were addressed as they outlined transportation routes for traveling to and from school that encourage safety.

Please note the following when reviewing:

  1. These recommended routes are for the students from a consolidated school.
  2. The neighborhood map with blue and/or black lines details recommended routes. To read the map, refer to the top right symbols box to understand where crossing guards are situated, the walking and bus routes, and bus stops.
  3. Written directions further describe the recommended routes represented on the map.
  4. The contact number is for the DCPS Critical Response Team, which can help answer questions you have about the map.
  5. At the bottom of the flyer you will find general safety tips to review with your child.

We hope you will find this information helpful as you prepare for the start of school on August 26, 2013. We encourage you to share your feedback with us at 202.478.5738 or so we can determine how each route is working.

Below are flyers that detail the recommended route(s) to your new school.

Recommended route to Cardozo EC

Recommended route to King ES

Recommended route to Dunbar HS

Recommended route to Kramer MS

Recommended route to Eastern HS

Recommended route to Raymond EC

Recommended route to Hendley ES

Recommended route to Stanton

Recommended route to Houston ES

Recommended route to Truesdell EC

Recommended route to Johnson MS

Recommended route to West EC

Recommended route to Kelly Miller MS

Recommended route to Woodson HS

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