Ludlow-Taylor Parents, We Want to Hear from Every One of You 

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Middle school is critical to preparing students for college. Ensuring that families have quality middle school options is one of our top priorities. Over the past few months, we have engaged parents and the school community to identify how to best support and strengthen our middle schools in Ward 6. We took all of the information we heard and developed a draft plan to improve middle school options in Ward 6.

Ludlow-Taylor’s destination middle school will become Stuart-Hobson. After the transition, all Ludlow-Taylor students will be guaranteed a spot at Stuart-Hobson beginning in 6th grade. Below are a few highlights from our proposal that impact Stuart-Hobson Middle School and its feeder elementary schools.

We will strengthen the academic program at Stuart-Hobson

  • Offer advanced courses in math for students who are ready, with an emphasis on Algebra and Geometry for high school credit
  • Offer world language for high school credit, allowing students to enroll in higher level language in Grade 9

We will change Stuart-Hobson’s grade configuration to 6th-8th grade

  • Move 5th grade to Watkins from Stuart-Hobson once the Montessori Program has relocated to its new building
  • Establish Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School as a feeder school to Stuart-Hobson once the Montessori Program has relocated to its new building

We will improve school facilities

  • Ensure that modernization plans reflect program and student needs

Stuart-Hobson, Eliot-Hine, and Jefferson Middle Schools will feed to the brand new Eastern High School in school year 2011-2012

View the full proposal on Building on Momentum: Ward 6 Middle Schools.

Download a copy of the survey form.  Please return the completed questionnaire to your child’s school by Tuesday, June 22nd.

Would you like to know more?
For more information, contact Claudia Luján at (202) 719-6598

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