School Leader Professional Development  

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We believe that school leaders have an immense power to positively impact the life outcomes of their students. We also believe that school leaders will be most successful if they are supported in their work. Therefore, DCPS is committed to providing support for school leaders as they implement the Leadership Framework in their schools.

Our primary method of supporting school leaders is through monthly professional development: Principal and Assistant Principal Academies. The Academies serve as a forum for information gathering, dialogue amongst peers and reflection on instructional and management best practices. They are catered to meet the real-time needs of DCPS’ school leaders.

Additionally, to support our school leaders, DCPS has twelve Instructional Superintendents who focus on the needs of a particular cluster of schools. We recently increased the number of Instructional Superintendents to ensure more direct support to every school leader. As integral members of the DCPS management team, they work to ensure that all school leaders are given the opportunity to lead effectively and model effective instructional leadership. They are able to provide support directly to the school or leadership as needed.

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