Right-to-Attend Schools 

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A student’s right-to-attend school is a DCPS school where that student can enroll at any time. Students do not apply to their right-to-attend schools. There are two types of right-to-attend schools for K–12 students: in-boundary schools and feeder-pattern schools. Learn more about right-to-attend schools below.

In-Boundary (Neighborhood) Schools
A school assigned to a student based on his/her address. (Please note that students with special needs or limited-English may be assigned to a school other than their neighborhood school in order to better serve their needs). 

Search for the DCPS neighborhood schools assigned to your address

Boundary Maps
Download boundary maps for elementary, K-8, middle and high schools.

Feeder (Destination) Schools
A school into which a student's current DCPS school feeds. To find your student's destination school, visit the online profile for your child's school or use the feeder pattern document below.

DCPS SY 2013-14 Feeder Patterns
Families who wish to attend schools that are not their right-to-attend schools must enter the common lottery. Learn more about the common lottery.  


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