Frequently Asked Questions about the Cardozo Senior High School Reopen 

Cardozo Senior High School to Reopen Jan. 3 at the Meyer School

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Where will students eat? Will hot meals be served?

Hot meals will be served in the cafeteria as well as rooms 111 and 112 in the main school building. Rooms 111 and 112 are former classrooms that are being renovated into an additional large space for cafeteria seating.

Where will students in the portable classrooms go to the bathroom?

Portable classrooms are equipped with restrooms, hand-sinks and fountains for drinking water.

Where will students take specials, such as physical education, art and music?

Cardozo SHS will continue to offer its complete complement of courses in its temporary site, including physical education, art and music/band. Additionally, the school’s Transportation Technology Academy and Academy of Construction and Design will continue to function at the temporary site.

Is there a science lab/library/computer lab?

Yes – the temporary site will include a science lab, computer labs and a library.

Is there a nurse’s suite?

Yes – the temporary site will include a nurse’s suite located next to the main offices on the first floor of the Meyer School.

How will students transition between classes? Will they have extra time?

Given the layout of the building and the proximity of the portable classrooms behind the school, Cardozo leadership does not anticipate any problems with student transitions between classes.

School leadership will monitor transitions between the main school building and the portable classrooms to determine if additional time is required. Covered walkways will shelter students from inclement weather during class transitions.

Will students have access to lockers?

Yes, all students will have lockers. Lockers will be moved from Cardozo SHS to the Meyer School.

Where will athletics be played?

Cardozo SHS will continue to play basketball games at Roosevelt SHS. Cardozo SHS leadership is making arrangements to share facilities with other schools as necessary.

What are the phone numbers for the main office/counselors/etc.? Do they stay the same?

Phone numbers for the school’s main office and principal’s office will remain the same. The main office will transfer calls within the building. The number for the main office is 202-673-7358; the fax is 202-673-2232.

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