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Do you screen all students?

All students who attend a SEM-designated school (see list below) are screened using the Renzulli Learning Profiler to determine their top three areas of personal academic interest. Here is a list of SEM-designated schools:

Hardy MS
Johnson MS
Kelly Miller MS
Sousa MS
Stuart-Hobson MS
West Education Campus

What are the thirteen areas?

The list of the 13 Renzulli Learning Interest Areas are:

1.) Athletics
2.) Video/Photography
3.) Technology
4.) Performing Arts
5.) Mathematics
6.) Business
7.) Reading
8.) Social Action
9.) Fine Arts
10.) Writing
11.) Science
12.) History/Social Studies
13.) Foreign Languages

How are students selected to participate in an enrichment cluster?

Students with demonstrated levels of high ability, as determined by individual school administrators and teachers, are given priority to participate in an enrichment cluster. However, because SEM is appropriate for a wide range of student abilities, teachers and administrators may also recommend students who have shown intense interest in one of the designated academic learning areas.

Do you label students as “gifted and talented”?

No. DCPS believes in developing student’s abilities through learning opportunities, rather than labeling a student and placing them on a restrictive track.  We believe that it is more important to invest in the design, implementation, and growth of specific instructional programs to meet the needs of high-ability learners, rather than in conducting a screening program that limits who can participate in advanced learning opportunities.

What if I think my child needs to be served in a separate track/program/school for gifted learners?

We believe an advanced or high-ability student is best served through enrichment-based and advanced learning opportunities. From elementary to high school, we offer programming that gives advanced learners new challenges and opportunities, such as through International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, Junior Great Books, and much more.

In what grade can students begin participating in programs designed for advanced/high-ability learners?

DCPS does not have a specific entry grade to participate in these programs. We offer elementary programs, such as Junior Great Books, as early as kindergarten, at many of our schools.

Who can provide additional information about programs designed for advanced and high ability students?

Parents should first speak to their school’s principal. For additional resources, please contact Matthew Reif.

What summer learning opportunities does DCPS offer for advanced students?

DCPS encourages students in grades 2-12 to apply to the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins.

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