Mamie D. Lee Wildcats Help OFMR 

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For over twenty years, OFMR and the Mamie D. Lee School have joined forces to expose their students to facilities housekeeping and custodial work. Students from Mamie D. Lee are intellectually challenged and work closely with their teachers and OFMR staff to acquire workforce skills.

Developing Our Organization

Although the program is small, it has had a very positive impact on our facility management team. OFMR leaders express that working with the students has improved their own communication skills. Understanding how to communicate effectively with an individual who has unique learning needs is essential to being a great leader. Working with the students from Mamie D. Lee allows our staff to practice this invaluable skill.

Student Development

Mamie D. Lee students also receive great learning benefits from working with OFMR. They learn workforce skills, autonomy, direction, and what it means to be a part of a team. Students in the program are encouraged to ask questions of our in-house FM experts, and participate in work that may build their skills in the career path they choose. 

Mamie D. Lee School teacher Cheryl Gillette explains that intellectually challenged students strive to perform work in a “slow, steady, and correct” manner. To support this, OFMR invites all students to participate in their daily safety meeting so that they can learn how to appropriately complete their tasks. Having this program has made our team more adaptable, and developed as communicators. 

Thank you Mamie D. Lee students for being a part of our team!

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