Recipients of Compensatory Education Services 

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If your child has been found eligible to receive independent compensatory education services, we want to offer you a list of providers of these services. These services were awarded as a result of a compensatory education plan authorized by a DCPS Compliance Case Manager or ordered by an independent hearing officer.

The duration, intensity, and maximum cost of these services are detailed in the authorization letter you received. These services are rendered outside of the school day and provided at no cost to you.

In the Independent Compensatory Education Service Provider List, you will find a list of some local independent related service providers that may be able to provide services to your child.

This is not a complete list of providers in the area. You should feel free to choose any provider that you believe will best serve your child, as long as the provider is not employed by the Government of the District of Columbia and works within the guidelines contained in the authorization letter. 

DCPS does not endorse any related service provider or tutor and this guide is merely intended to assist you in locating a provider. 

You are also able to change providers if you are not satisfied with the vendor’s services.

In addition to the list of service providers, we have also provided the billing guidelines that your provider must use to receive payment for these services. Providers should bill DCPS directly.

Our team is happy to assist in any way that we can and answer any questions that you may have. If you have any concerns or need any help in this process you may contact your Compliance Case Manager directly. 

If you do not know who your Compliance Case Manager is or have misplaced their contact information, please contact the Office of Special Education Critical Response Team at (202) 442-5400.

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