Home and Hospital Instruction Program 

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The Home/Hospital Instruction Program (HIP), formerly known as Visiting Instruction Services (VIS), provides instruction and support to students who have had their educational programs interrupted because of a physical disability and/or health impairment resulting in confinement to home and/or hospital for three weeks or more.

This service must be requested by the student’s school and certified by the student’s physician. It is an instructional program that is sensitive to the medical factors related to the disability and/or the health impairment indicated. The goal is to establish a continuous, individualized education program closely related to that of the student’s local school.  

Beginning in School Year 2012-13, HIP will use educational technology as a tool to increase the connection to the student's local school and to provide the student with access to "anytime/anywhere" learning opportunities.

Prior to receiving HIP services please download, complete and submit the following forms:

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Program manager | Denise China-Johnson | denise.china-johnson@dc.gov | 202-939-3506 or 202-939-3507
Coordinator | Shawn Jegede | shawn.jegede@dc.gov | 202-505-0733
Coordinator | Chandra goodman | chandra.goodman@dc.gov | 202-329-5036
Lead teacher | Avrion Murray | avrion.murray@dc.gov | 202-939-3506
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Washington, DC 20003
f: 202-698-3454

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