Professional Development 

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Professional Development Sessions

Students will participate in weekly 2-hr professional development sessions hosted by DCPS staff members and local organizations.  Each session will focus on a specific skill set or knowledge base essential to advancement in education and professional opportunities.

Examples of session topics include:

  • Career Options and Paths – a meet and greet with local professionals
  • Resume Building
  • Interview skills
  • Essay writing for college applications
  • Professional dress and communications
  • Applying for financial aid


DCPS staff from various offices will serve as the primary supervisors for LEAP associates and will be responsible for providing assignments, verifying hours, and providing professional guidance and feedback.  In the past, our supervisors have worked in the Offices of College and Career Readiness, Health and Wellness, Food Services, School Operations, Human Capital and others.

Our supervisors are dedicated professionals working in the service of our students and our teachers.  They engage in dynamic and challenging projects that provide LEAP associates with a view into the unique work required to successfully manage a public school district.  Within this relationship, our supervisors are expected to provide associates with opportunities to take on aspects of a project that will develop associates’ professional skills in ways that will resonate beyond the tenure of the internship.


Concurrently with the LEAP program, DCPS also manages the Urban Education Leaders Internship Program for top graduate and undergraduate students and young professionals.  UELIP associates will pair with LEAP participants as mentors.

Each LEAP associate’s UELIP mentor will serve as an approachable, accessible resource throughout their internship. Mentors play a role distinct from that of supervisors in that they are not tasked with verifying student hours or assigning projects, but can provide another perspective for associates on the experience of working within a professional environment.

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