Basic Elements in Grants 

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How to get started.

  • Reflect on your goals.
  • Research potential funding organizations, their goals and the specific criteria.
  • Find a funding venue that is a good fit – their goals align with your goals.
  • Plan. A well conceived initiative with a good plan has a better chance of succeeding. 

What are grant sources looking for?  

  • Produce measurable results.
  • Promise significant and long-lasting change.
  • Support from others – partnerships or collaborations.
  • Innovative solutions and technologies.

Projects that typically get funded are those that:

  • Meet the guidelines of those who fund the grant.
  • Have clear goals and measurable results.
  • Are headed by strong, qualified leaders.
  • Demonstrate a track record – if possible.
  • Exhibit accountability.

Proposal contents should include: 

NOTE:  These are general guidelines and you should check the specific criteria expectations for each opportunity.

  • Cover letter.
  • Title page and table of contents.
  • Executive summary (one page).
  • Narrative (explains the project).
  • Statement of need (two pages that demonstrate why you are deserving).
  • Project description:  goals, objectives, activities (three pages).
    • Organization information (one page).
    • Conclusion (two paragraphs).
  • Evaluation
  • Budget
  • Appendices and supporting materials


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