Bob Utiger 

General Counsel

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Bob Utiger is General Counsel of District of Columbia Public Schools. As the chief legal officer of the school system, Utiger advises on issues of federal and local law affecting school administration, employees and students.

Professional Experience

Before attending law school, Utiger spent seven years on active duty in the Marines, and retired as a Major in the reserves.      

A civil litigator with 16 years experience in serving the District government, Utiger has had a long history of defending the city and the DC Public Schools system.

Since 1996, Utiger has worked with the District Office of Corporation Council and in the Office of the City Administrator, where he has defended DCPS in major litigation, including the Petties and Blackman/Jones cases, as well as cases regarding the establishment of the Public Education Reform Act.

Through his experience with the city, Utiger worked closely with former DCPS General Counsel Jim Sandman and is familiar with other key staff involved in the reform effort.

Before coming to DCPS, Utiger worked for the law firms of Lord, Bissell and Brook in Chicago and Gilberg & Kurent in the Washington, DC, area.


Mr. Utiger received his law degree in 1990 from Chicago-Kent College of Law.

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