DCPS Progress Report for 2009-2010 

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Dear DCPS Parents and Community Members:

Schools have opened, students and teachers are hard at work, the first parent-teacher conferences have occurred and the rest of the school year promises more success than ever for our students.

Every year we write an annual progress report to let you know about the great things happening in DCPS. Find the 2009-2010 DCPS Progress Report here

You will recall that the annual progress report is a top line review of DCPS’ most major accomplishments to date. A handful of headlines:

  • The powerful combination of a new teacher evaluation system and the new WTU contract are finally in place—and our students’ progress toward having an excellent teacher in every classroom increases significantly;
  • Our students are working hard, and continue to show all that they can achieve;
  • The Early Stages diagnostic center is helping many, many parents with children ages 2-5 identify delays and corresponding services to address them, and
  • Still more schools have been modernized, providing students and teachers with wonderful, learning-centered environments.

Building on that forward motion, this school year has begun with momentum and excitement! Thanks to so many of you—especially parents and family members—for all that you have done and are doing to support the growth and success of children across the city.


Peggy O’Brien
Chief, Family and Public Engagement

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