Kramer and C-SPAN Start Their Engines for STEM 

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September 22, 2011 – “This bus is cute!” exclaimed a Kramer Middle School student as she entered into C-SPAN’s Digital Bus today. Her friends, clambering in with her, enthusiastically agreed. They entered the C-SPAN’s “Road to the White House” bus, a miniature news world. The “Road” program comprehensively covers presidential politics, and, when off reporting duty, its bus makes occasional visits to schools such as Kramer.

The teachers were also excited. The presentations were designed to inform educators about C-SPAN classroom recourses, and the keen teachers were all over the interactive media they could use to reinforce their government and social studies lessons.

“What I really found interesting is what C-SPAN has to offer in terms of making the lessons more interesting in the classroom, how you can use technology to keep the students engaged which helps them retain information,” said middle school teacher Michelle McCray. “I was excited to learn that you can just click on [to the C-SPAN website] and get information that you need to help students expand their knowledge.”

Her colleagues Jaylyn Parker and Rosalind Daniels agreed. They were enthusiastic about drawing upon the C-SPAN materials in creating interactive lesson plans. As a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) school, Kramer is emphasizing technology and sciences in their curriculum this year.

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