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Nov. 17, 2011

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What a year! In 2011, we have had new and renovated schools open across the city, a record number of volunteers during Beautification Day, the stars came out out to help honor our teachers at Standing Ovation and President Obama addressed the nation from Banneker HS.

Please take the opportunity to publicly thank your local school in one of three ways:

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Read Notes of Gratitude

I am grateful for my wonderful students. They make me smile every day!

Rebecca Watson, a DCPS employee

HD Woodson High School

I am consistently impressed with the level of effort from the teachers.  They are all so engaged with the students and their success.  Bravo Oyster Adams teachers.

Nancy Hersh, a DCPS parent

Oyster Adams Bilingual School

I am thankful for my school.

R. Kolko, a DCPS student

Murch Elementary School

Thank you for your enthusiasm!  Thank you for your cheerleading! Thank you for providing a safe, fun, and scholarly place for our children! Thank you for Foodprints, for computers and the library, and especially thank you all of the teachers for their dedication. Special thanks to Miss Deprez and Miss Heffelbower for being great teachers and caring so much.

Sarah , a DCPS parent

Watkins Elementary School

Thank you all the teachers, principal Lycknell, and all school staff, including after school care providers, for your hard work, love, and good atmosphere you create for the children. We could not be happier!

Elena Gerasimov, a DCPS parent

Janney Elementary School

I am a grandparent and parent of students who currently attend or have attended Kimball Elementrary School.  Kimball Princiipal and staff have always been dedicated to making a difference in the lives of their students and their families.  Their dedication goes far beyond the class room and school walls.  Thank you, Kimball, for touching so many students and their families.

Shirley Bishop Hall, a DCPS parent

Kimball Elementary School

I am thankful for the teachers and staff who look after the kids like they were their own! They are appreciated everyday and not just on Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day!

Natasha Mack, a DCPS parent

Maury Elementary School

I give thanks for the wonderful administration, staff, students, and parents of the Tyler Community

Jennifer  Krystopowicz, a DCPS employee

Tyler Elementary School

Thanks to all the teachers and staff at Oyster-Adams for putting our children's education first and caring so much about what they need to learn and should learn!!!

Jackie Alvarado, a DCPS parent

Oyster-Adams Bilingual School

I would like to thank the office staff, that works very hard in keeping things together.  So often they are not appreciated, however from the bottom of my heart to all the Phelps Teachers, Staff,etc.  Keep up the Great work!!

Lena Brown, a DCPS employee

Phelps High School

We are so fortunate to be a part of the Janney community!  The principal and her administration is outstanding.  The teachers and staff are truly dedicated and enthusiastic.  And the parents and students exude their love for their school!  What an awesome, awesome place to be a part of!

Jill Graziano, a DCPS parent

Janney Elemntary School

I am thankful for my colleagues, who share resources and strategies,  who are always present in the hallways, and who go above and beyond to build a positive school wide culture for students and staff. I am absolutely thankful to have a job I love coming to every single day :D 

Desiree Raught, a DCPS employee

McKinley Tech High School

Thanks miner day staff you guys are the greatest   from the janitors to the main office staff to the teacher you guys up miner elementary rock. And am thankful for the whole day staff God bless.
Now aftercare staff is a whole another story.. lol

Lakila Austin, a DCPS parent

Miner Elementary School

My family is grateful not just at Thanksgiving, but on every day of the year for the wonderful teachers, Mrs. Bennett and Ms. Beachell, who educate and nurture my four-year-old daughter, and for the excellent, highly-professional, always-friendly administrators and staff that run the school, from Principal Eatman (who seems to know the name of every child in the school), to the kind-hearted women who run the front office, to the parking lot security guard, who always greets my daughter and I with a smile and a wave. 

Thank you DCPS for these wonderful role models, for our beautiful new school, and, hopefully, for a new-and-improved playground to be grateful for next year!

Dana Boehm, a DCPS parent

Capitol Hill Montessori at Logan

I am thankful to Ms. Douglas for stepping up and showing her hardwork and dedication and lets not forget her supportstaff along with all the great Teachers she has this year.Nothing but support and appreciation keep up the good work.

Tawanda Bates, a DCPS parent


Back in Germany, Horace Mann and its community still is in our heart.
Best wishes to all of you from Berlin.

Volker, Gabriela and Catherina

Volker Bley, a Community member

Horace Mann Elementary School

We love our beautiful new school and are so happy to be part of our new community!

Sameena k, a DCPS parent

Capitol Hill Montessori at Logan

Thank you for being an outstanding school. I feel so privileged to have my daughter enrolled at YuYing. Chen Laoshi and Lia Laoshi are excellent instructors. Thank you again.

Sosena Desta, a DCPS parent

Washington Metropolitan High School

Thank you so much for great teachers, special education staff and administrative staff.

Tazeen Hussain, a DCPS parent

Watkins Elementary School

I am thankful my daughter has such a vibrant, stimulating and compassionate environment to grow in that will help her develop into a caring and intelligent human being.
Thank you SWS!

Chiara  Lalla, a DCPS parent

School Within School at Peabody

I am grateful that my children have fantastic, caring, stimulating, engaging, hardworking and extremely competent teachers--in a local school that we can walk to.  We are thankful for all the friends and neighbors who are part of the same school community and for all my kids' wonderful classmates who are also an important part of their education.

Emily , a DCPS parent

Oyster-Adams Bilingual School

Thank you for your love and support as a staff member!!! Our Principal and Leadership staff encourages and supports his staff

Monique Carter, a DCPS employee

Ballou Senior high School

I'd like to thank the Garfield community for welcoming me into their school over the past two months.  It has and continues to be an honor and a privilege to work with such a dedicated and talented group of students, parents, educators, and community stakeholders.

Kennard Branch, a DCPS employee

Garfield Elementary School

I'd like to thank the MacFarland community and staff for allowing me to service their children over the past year.  It was an absolute pleasure to work for the teachers, children, and families of one of DCPS’ Full Service Middle Schools.

Kennard Branch, a DCPS employee

MacFarland Middle School

We are so THANKFUL for our sweet Montessori community.  Have a Wonderful Holiday!!

Anita Mingo, a DCPS parent

Capitol Hill Montessori School

I am grateful for such a beautiful and stimulating learning environment at Logan DCPS Montessori school. Thank you Mr. Eatman for your leadership in initiating the French program, and to Mme Hylton. Thank you to all the wonderful teachers and assistants, so dedicated and patient.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Laure , a DCPS parent

Capitol Hill Montessori

I'm thankful for the staff and families of the DC Scholars Stanton students who are working together to create a cooperative learning atmosphere that puts our scholars on the path to college!

Darla Bunting, a DCPS employee

DC Scholars Stanton Elementary School

My daughter is very happy in her preK class. We're thankful for the intimate, friendly environment at Hearst.

Angela Jacobs, a DCPS parent

Hearst Elementary School

My family and I are grateful for the administrators, and the teachers at Alice Deal Middle School, especially our son's math teacher, Dr. Pough, she is a great teacher that also shows a genuine concern for her students well being in and outside of the classroom.

Teresa Beasley, a DCPS parent

Alice Deal Middle School

My family and I are grateful for the administrators, and the teachers at Alice Deal Middle School, especially our son's math teacher, Dr. Pough, she is a great teacher that also shows a genuine concern for her students well being in and outside of the classroom.

Teresa Beasley, a DCPS parent

Alice Deal Middle School

Doy gracias por la mejor escuela IB H.D. Cooke ES donde tenemos los mejores profesionales y una adminstracion fabulosa.  Me siento orgulloso de la escuela Cooke. Gracias

Jey  Lee, a Community member

H.D. Cooke Elementary School

I have always been grateful for the wonderful faculty and staff at the schools my daughters have attended: Wilson, Ellington, Deal, and Janney.  Pete Cahall is an amazing principal who combines fondness and understanding for the students with the authoritative presence needed to deal successfully with teenagers.

This year, I am especially grateful for the gorgeous new high school facility, which is one of the most beautiful schools that I have seen. After so many years of great teachers in shabby facilities, it is nice to have physical surroundings that enhance the quality of the students' education.

Deborah Dupont, a DCPS parent

Wilson High School

Gracias por:
      Hacer posible la extension de ensenanza biliangual desde la elemental hasta la ensenanza media PS- 8th grados.
     Por la seriedad y compromiso de ensenarle a nuestros hij@s.
     Por construir el elevador en Adams.
     En especial a la linda atencion de todo el  personal desde la seguridad en la entrada, oficina hasta los del servicio de limpieza. Ofreciendonos una calida bienvenida y busqueda de una  pronta solocion a las necesidades con las que llegamos.
                                  Gracias nuevamente
Videlbina Flores-Fitch, a DCPS parent

Oyster-Adams Bilingual

I am thankful for students who take the time out of  their morning to text me and say Happy thanksgiving, I appreciate you

Mary  Dent, a DCPS employee

Washington Metropolitan High School

I am grateful to this school because it puts student first.

Margaret Smith, a DCPS parent

Deal Middle School

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