May 10, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions about the Excessing Process  


Contact: Safiya J Simmons | 202.724.6689

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What is excessing?

Excessing is a normal part of the budgeting process each school year. It is the elimination of an employee’s position – not her or his employment – at the local school level. Excessing is necessary when schools make changes to their academic program, when budgets decline, or when schools are closed, restructured, or reconstituted. For example, if a school decides to transition from offerin g French to Spanish, the French teacher would be excessed. Also, if a school has a smaller budget, it may need to reduce its staff.


What happens to excessed employees?

Nothing changes for the current school year. These employees interview for vacancies at other DCPS schools for next year. Many are ultimately “picked up” by other principals and remain in the school system. In fact, last year 79% of excessed WTU members found placements at other DCPS schools.


How are excessing decisions made?

 For WTU Members: The local school principal, with input from the Local School Advisory Team (stakeholder group) and the Personnel Committee, decides which positions to include in the budget for the following year using a performance-based rubric.

For Non-WTU Members: Excessing decisions are based on building seniority. Individuals with the fewest years of service are excessed first.


How many employees were excessed this year?

745 (384 WTU members) – This will increase somewhat over the coming weeks due to reconstitutions.


How does that compare to 2010 and 2009?

The excessing numbers this year are very much in line with previous years. In 2010, 672 (373 WTU members) employees were excessed and in 2009, 848 (427 WTU members) were excessed.


How is DCPS helping excessed teachers find new placements?

 DCPS is committed to helping its high-performing employees find rewarding placements within the school system. To do so, it has a three-pronged approach. First, we post an updated vacancy list every week on the Educator Portal, an internal website for DCPS employees. Second, we are holding a series of transfer fairs to facilitate the placement process. The first of these is tomorrow, May 11th. Third, we have a six-person staffing team that works every day to pair excessed employees with vacancies.


Is DCPS going to make new hires this fall? If so, why is it excessing employees now?

 Overall, we anticipate more vacancies than excesses. And we expect the number of vacancies to grow as additional resignations and retirements come in. Though many of these vacancies will be filled by excessed employees, not all will be. Thus, we will need to hire new employees.

For example, DCPS is adding 15 new early childhood classes across the system. This will necessitate additional early childhood teachers.


What happens to an excessed employee who does not find a placement?

 The majority of excessed employees find other placements. WTU members who are unable to do so by the end of the summer fall into two categories:

  • Those with a 2011 IMPACT rating of Effective or Highly Effective – These employees can choose one of two potions: 1) a $25,000 buyout; or 2) a “grace year” during which they will be assigned to a school (with full salary and benefits). If, at the end of that year, they are unable to secure a permanent placement, they will be separated from the school system.
  • Those with a 2010 IMPACT rating of Minimally Effective – These employees will be separated from the school system.

Non-WTU members who cannot find placements are assigned to other schools.

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