December 16, 2011

New Location for Student Discipline Hearings 

Office of Administrative Hearings, One Judiciary Square, 441 Fourth Street, NW, Suite 450 North

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Beginning on Jan. 3, 2012, all student discipline hearings will take place at the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH). OAH is an independent government agency that provides fair and effective hearings for issues addressed in District of Columbia law. The Office of Administrative Hearings is located at:

One Judiciary Square
441 Fourth Street, NW
Suite 450 North
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 442-9094

The discipline hearings will be conducted by professional judges, in a courtroom, with strict adherence to DCMR Chapter B25 (DCPS Code of Student Discipline). School staff will be required to be present at all hearings, to provide the burden of proof that “the student did commit the infraction upon which the disciplinary action is based.”

This transition will ensure that the student discipline hearing process has a greater level of efficiency and consistency and that students’ interests and rights are protected.

Please note: The DCPS Office of Youth Engagement will continue to schedule all hearings (including appeals and postponements). And while the OAH will conduct the hearing, DCPS will have the final decision on the outcome of the hearing.

Please direct questions about student hearings to:

Rochelle Wilson
Director of Student Discipline and School Climate
(202) 299-2006

Download more information, including frequently asked questions about the transition »

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