June 02, 2010

A Message from Michelle Rhee on the New Teacher Contract 


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The Washington Teachers’ Union announced today that its members have approved the tentative agreement by a wide margin. This is great news for all of the District of Columbia, and certainly for DCPS students. As a school system, at last we can better empower, challenge, support, and reward the teachers who influence and expand the minds of our students every day. The new contract makes real to teachers how much their work is valued. It also better enables us to support teachers who need help, and to more easily separate teachers who are ineffective despite these added supports.

The lengthy and difficult path toward this moment has been well-documented. It took almost three years of hard work on the part of union representatives, DCPS staff, and the help of a skilled mediator—Kurt Schmoke, Dean of Howard University’s Law School—in order to create a proposal that all of us were proud to offer to our teachers. I am delighted that they have voted to accept it. DCPS teachers are now among the most highly paid in the nation, reflecting the importance and value of their work. This is our honest and best effort to recognize the power of a teacher to shape lives, something they do on a daily basis.

Michelle Rhee

Download the proposed contract in its entirety.

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