Fellowship placements 

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Each Fellow will be assigned to a different division of central office. Fellows will be asked to name topics of interest to them on the online application.

Some of the central office divisions in which past TCTL Fellows have been placed include:

• Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL): The Office of Teaching and Learning is focused on ensuring that every child, in every classroom, has access to engaging instruction. It includes the teams charged with overseeing activities around teaching and learning and instructional coaching.

Office of Data and Strategy (ODS): The Office of Data and Strategy collects and analyzes data for assessments, student achievement, media relations, and surveys.

 Office of Human Capital (OHC): The Office of Human Capital is responsible for recruitment, selection, onboarding, development, evaluation, compensation and retention for teachers, principals and central office employees, and oversees all human resource functions. It encompasses teams working on recruitment and selection, staffing, IMPACT operations, and teacher and principal effectiveness strategies.

• Office of Family and Public Engagement (OFPE): The Office of Family and Public Engagement manages relationships with parents and families, community engagement initiatives and partnerships, press conferences and releases, and website strategy and technology initiatives.

• Office of Special Education (OSE): The Office of Special Education works with schools to ensure that students with disabilities have the services and support they need to achieve success. It includes a strategy and operations team, a communications and public outreach team, a related services team, and a non-public transition team.

• Office of the Chief of Staff (OCOS): The Office of the Chief of Staff oversees school operations, interagency relations, and the critical response team.

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