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How do I get PeopleSoft and email access?

Human Resources provides email addresses during the Welcome Workshop (Orientation). Please ensure that you have registered for a Welcome Workshop session on your first day of work using the link in your offer letter. If you did not register through the link and/or attend Welcome Workshop, your email address will be requested on your effective date of employment and provided within 48 hours to your personal email account.

Peoplesoft ESS (Employee Self-Service) accounts are created by Human Resources once your hiring action has been processed in PeopleSoft.

Your log-in information will be provided to your dc.gov email account within 7-10 business days from the date of hire on the offer letter.

When can I enroll in Benefits?

Employees are eligible to enroll in benefits under three circumstances:

  • Within 31 days of the effective date of hire
  • During the annual Open Enrollment period, which usually runs from mid-November to mid-December
  • Within 31 days of a “life event”, which includes birth of child, marriage, divorce, loss of coverage


Who needs a license?

DCPS requires individuals in instructional positions to hold a current DC license. You may contact the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), the certifying body for all DC educators, to determine if the position you are in or accepting requires a license. Information can be found at their website, osse.dc.gov, or via phone at 202.741.5881.

How to obtain or renew my license?

As stated above, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) manages the issuance of all DC licenses. Please visit their website at osse.dc.gov to review the checklist of items needed to obtain or renew a license.

Please note, OSSE does require a letter from DCPS stating that you are eligible to work in our schools per the FBI background check completed at the DCPS Security office. DC Public Schools will provide this FBI Clearance Letter upon request for all current employees that have been fingerprinted within the past 2 years.

The request form can be found on the “Human Resources Forms” tab. If an employees has not been fingerprinted by DCPS within the past 2 years, the employee will need to come into the Central Office (10th floor) and get re-fingerprinted between the hours of 8am-5pm, Mon-Fri.

All non-DCPS employees will have to complete the background clearance process idependently through a local police station.

How can I enroll in Benefits?

Employees must select their benefits options through their ESS Peoplesoft account. After logging into the account, select the “Benefits” tab on the Self Service main page, then click on the “Enroll in Benefits” button. Once benefits have been chosen and submitted by selecting the “Submit” button, an automatic email will be sent to the employees’ dc.gov email account. If this email is not received, employees must contact Human Resources at (202) 442-4090 or dcps.hranswers@dc.gov.

Do I have optical and dental?

Individuals who are members of a union are provided optical and dental directly through their union branch. To enroll in these benefits, please contact the union directly, as they cannot be selected through PeopleSoft. 

Individuals that are not in a union do not have optical and dental insurance benefits plans. However, employees have access to Flexible Spending accounts to help cover dental and optical expenses. In addition, certain health plans offer a dental discount option that provides a discounted price on certain procedures. You may review these plans on the Health Benefits tab of this website.

How do I use my FSA (Flex Spending Account)?

Once the employee has selected the FSA plan through PeopleSoft, employees must create an account on the vendor website to access and manage the FSA funds. 

For Health and Dependent Care  accounts,  employees will register with www.healthhub.com. For Transit and Parking accounts, employees will register with www.flexdirect.adp.com.

These websites also provide information regarding filing claims, monitoring you balance, and a listing of eligible claims.

What happens when I forget my email or PeopleSoft log-in information?

Email passwords can only be reset by the Office of Chief Technology Officer (OCTO). You may contact their offices directly at (202) 442-5715 or helpdesk.servus@dc.gov.

Peoplesoft password may be reset by selecting “Forgot Password” button on the homepage. This will automatically send you a temporary password to your registered

email address(dc.gov account). Using this temporary password, you will be able to login to your account and reset the password to your desired format. If you have

completed this process and are still having challenges difficulty, you may contact the Peoplesoft helpdesk at (202)727-8700.

How do change my direct deposit?

Direct Deposit information is managed through the Peoplesoft ESS account, under the “Payroll and Compensation” tab. Because banking information is sensitive, employees can only update Direct Deposit information via their ESS account while connect to a secure DC Government network (i.e. at a DCPS school or Central Office) at the website pshcm.dc.gov. Direct Deposit changes cannot be made at ess.dc.gov.

How do I change my tax information?

As with Direct Deposit information, tax information can only be updated via the employees’ ESS account through a secure DC Government network.

The website to complete these changes is pshcm.dc.gov. Please note,you must complete both the W4 and state tax tabs, found under the “Payroll and Compensation” tab on the main page.

How do I know if I am retirement eligible?

Employees participating in the Civil Service Retirement (CSRS) and Teachers Retirement Plans are eligible in accordance with meeting one of the following criteria:

55 years with 30 years of service
60 years with 20 years of service
62 years with 5 years of service

Additional information regarding the retirement plans can be found on the “Retirement” tab of this website

How do I withdraw from a retirement plan?

Employees are eligible to withdraw funds from their automatic retirement plans (Civil Service, 401a, Teachers Retirement) upon separation from DC Government.

Eligible employees can complete this process by submitting the rollover/withdrawal application along with a copy of their Personal Action Form, which is sent via mail 2-3 weeks after the separation date.

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