What three things most impress you about your dream school? 

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High quality academics

Behavior and culture geared towards success

The school is transparent; what I see is what's actually happening

DCPS parent / family member, DCPS central office employee -  Ward 1



The happiness of the children learning

The teachers and staff are relaxed and willing to go the extra mile because they want to

Parents feel that it is the best place for their children to be

DCPS school-based employee -  


It is a place that feels welcoming - the students know that the faculty/staff and their fellow students really care about them.

The students are motivated to learn and take responsibility for their education by getting to school every day on time with all of their assignments completed.

There is no waste: lights, computers, water are turned off when not in use; there is an efficient recycling program for paper, printer toner, glass, cans, etc.; the cafeteria composts its organic waste (used in the school garden).

DCPS parent / family member, DCPS school-based employee -  Ward 4


- All children feel loved and respected.

-Children feel that the adults believe in them and care about them.

-No child feels left behind.

-The school is a open door community--programs are held also on Saturdays and Evenings.

Professional School Counselor -  Ward 4


Engaged students

Content teachers


DCPS school-based employee -  Ward 8


* Everyone (students, teachers, staff, parents, visitors) is friendly and smiling because they are happy to be there.

*The academic standards are extremly high- all students are reading, writing and doing math on or above grade level

* Students with IEPs are included in the general education setting and are excelling as their peers.

DCPS school-based employee -  Ward 5


  1. The achievement levels among students are similar among gender and race
  2. All students are achieving at the highest levels
  3. Students, parents, teachers, and community members are working together to further the academic interests of the students

DCPS school-based employee -  Arlington, VA


1.  It is clean, quiet and educational staff is moving about clearly focused on the needs of the children/students in the building.

2.  The children are talking about classwork, calmly and are clearly engaged in their learning.  Students are talking respectfully each to the other modeling the behavior of the adults around them in the schools.

3.  No one is yelling. Children are addressed by all adults respectfully.  Adults all interact respectfully.

DCPS school-based employee -  Montgomery County, MD


Their technology is up to date, the building is very clean, and learning is evident.

DCPS school-based employee -  I live in Ward 4 but work in Ward 8


Family Environment



DCPS school-based employee -  Ward 6


The school has multiple ways to communicate with parents and staff including an UP-TO-DATE and informative website.

That a child's academic plan is clear, rigorous and written in plain English.

The teaching and support staff sound like scholars.

and they have computers!!!

DCPS central office employee -  



--students truly wanting and enjoying being in school

--open collaboration between all stakeholders

--no issues arising due to lack of resources

DCPS school-based employee -  Ward 1


The three things that impress me at this school is:

1.  The Parent Involvement & Community Involvement.

  1. Discipline and School Climate
  2. Students are always First.

Community member, DCPS school-based employee -  Ward 7



Pretend school that doesn't exist yet:

--Everyone is working together and there is a real sense of collaboration--among the staff, students and parents

--students are prepared to graduate and be successful for college or other from of continuing education

--It is the heart of the community

DCPS school-based employee -  Ward 4


Teachers learn from one another,

the goal is truly getting everyone to be better....

teachers do not feel self conscious when someone comes in and observes them

teachers share their knowledge openly

teachers feel they are learning daily and becoming better and better as time goes by

teachers want to stay at the school because of the relationships they have built....making each school a strong community school.

DCPS parent / family member, DCPS school-based employee -  Ward 3


It doesn't need to be punitive.

It is like a university, where students know how to behave and what is expected of them. In return, they are treated with respect.

The questions raised by students are phenomenal and difficult to answer, or at least provide a fresh perspective.

DCPS parent / family member -  Ward 6


1.  Principal Leadership is strong.  This is the most important as this sets the tone for the whole school.

2.  Teachers are excellent.

3.  Environment is calm, safe, nurturing, and there are many varied learning opportunities that are challenging.

DCPS central office employee -  Central Office


Teachers are calm and happy

Students are calm and happy

There is a true creative and intellectual feeling to the curriculum.

DCPS parent / family member, DCPS school-based employee -  Ward 4


-The school has a well qualified staff.

-The school has active participants from the community; parents, pta, and all three components are meeting to work out problems as they occur.

-The school has adequate tools to help the students achieve.

DC government employee -  Ward 1


Principals, teachers and students want to be there.

DCPS parent / family member -  Ward 4


The smiling and engaged students;

The camaraderie of the workers; and

The welcoming of parents as partners in education.

Community member -  Ward 5


It is a clean and safe environment; all staff are effective teachers who welcome parents and whomever else in their classroom to view instruction; students are happy and feel supported by teachers

DCPS central office employee -  Ward 6


* diversity of the school community

* staff competence and commitment

* evidence of student learning on display

DCPS central office employee -  Ward 6


Parental Involvement.

Children are excited about learning.

Modern facilities.

DCPS parent / family member -  Ward 7


caring and engaged teachers

an environment conducive to learning

resources/technology that helps kids learn about academics and the arts

DCPS prospective parent / family member -  Ward 2


High quality teaching and learning

Diversity of perspectives and families working together

DCPS parent / family member, DCPS school-based employee -  Ward 6


Students are now being treated with respect.

DCPS parent / family member -  Ward 1


- place where kids love to learn and teachers love to teach

- everybody wants to be there

- language immersion and nature projects (gardens) diversify the curriculum

parent who would send my child to DCPS if it were like the above. -  Ward 5



The environment, the staff and the expectation of excellence.

DCPS parent / family member -  PG county


Academic performance - while test scores are not everything, they should be at an acceptable level which demonstrates that all children are competent in reading and math.

Sense of community among students, families and staff.

The feeling that my child just really enjoys being at school!

DCPS parent / family member -  Ward 2


Kids seem happy and engaged

Teachers appear to be engaged and at liberty to try new things to reach all students at all levels.

Parents are around, involved and welcomed to help in any way they can

DCPS parent / family member -  Ward 3


The school facility.

The broad school curriculum...not driven by federal standardized testing.

Community partnerships and strong support for PTA and Parent involvement.

DCPS prospective parent / family member -  prospective parent possibly moving to Ward 8


School Culture, Engagement of Students and students disposition towards their education.

DCPS school-based employee -  Ward 8


1) Students are a part of the process. They are proud of this school. Lucky to be going here.

2)The Princaple Holy Serel, Mr. Rodgers (The Student Advisor)

3)The Filmore Arts Program

 DCPS parent / family member -  Ward 2


The teacher student connection.

DCPS parent / family member -  Ward 8 


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