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We’ve scoured the city collecting “Hopes and Dreams” from as many people as possible. Every idea, suggestion and opinion has been recorded and will be considered. Our city (and hopefully you) has spoken and DCPS is listening. Read what people have said so far.

What are the three most urgent issues that you would like solved in your school or schools in your cluster or ward?

Participants were encouraged to think of what issues would make them happiest if corrected. Learn More »

What three things most impress you about your dream school?

Participants were asked to envision the "School of their Dreams." Some of their answers may surprise you. Learn More »

What three words best describe who the person graduating has become that make you so proud?

Participants imagined they were in the future at a loved one graduation from the perfect school. These are the graduates the "School of their Dreams" produced. Learn More »

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