Notes of Gratitude For DCPS Teachers 

Dionne Mason, Payne Elementary School, 3rd Grade | Photo by Michael DeAngelis
Meghan Jones, Ferebee-Hope Elementary School, 1st Grade | Photo by Michael DeAngelis
Alva Hanson, Youth Engagement Academy | Photo by Jason Colston
Andrea Mercer, Leckie Elementary School | Photo by Marie Pasquel
Payne Elementary School, Pre-school Teacher | Photo by Jason Colston
Sharon Culbreath, Eliot-Hine Middle School, 6th, 7th and 8th grades | Photo by Jason Colston
Helen Opiyo, King Elementary School, 2nd grade | Photo by Marie Pasquel
Toni Winsett, Eastern Senior High School, 12th grade | Photo by Jason Colston
Linda Brown, Eliot-Hine Middle School, 8th grade | Photo by Jason Colston

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We're celebrating DCPS teachers this week as part of National Teacher Appreciation week. 

Below are your notes of gratitude for your favorite DCPS teachers. Thank you for your wonderful submissions.

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Teacher Mrs. Roberts at C.W. Harris Elementary School, Ward 

I want to thank Mrs. Roberts for being a good teacher, always being polite to me and my husband when we arrive to drop off and pick up our son from her classroom. She is always friendly and very informative to my child needs. We really appreciate Mrs. Roberts!!!! Thank You....

DCPS Parent

Teacher Mrs. Lee at Aiton Elementary School, Ward 

Just wanted to show my appreciation for Ms. Lee. She is an excellent teacher at Aiton. My son Malachi has been growing intellectually and shows this daily. As the year is coming to an end, I feel strongly that he is ready for Pre-K in 20010-2011.

DCPS Parent

Teacher Ms. Sarah Kaufman at Watkins Elementary School, Ward

Dear Sarah (aka Ms. Kaufman),

It's hard to know where to begin thanking you for everything you have done for our family. I cannot imagine not having you in our lives.

You are a Super Teacher! (You need a cape, really). Your warm, nurturing spirit, amazing work ethic, and magical gift for teaching have helped shape our children into little people who love to learn. You have embraced our family in the beautiful community that is your classroom and we'll always be grateful for the day we walked in to Sarah Kaufman's class.

We appreciate you every day (appreciation week and beyond).

Love you!

DCPS Parent

Teacher VanNessa Duckett Thomas at Maury Elementary School, Ward 

Mrs. Duckett-Thomas is held in such high regard for being an inspiration to her students, but also to parents. We learn so much about our own children from her, and she cares about them deeply.

DCPS Parent

Teacher Mrs. Mamie Vick at Maury Elementary School, Ward 

Mrs.Vick brings such positive energy to her kindergarten class! She is always smiling, and the children have fun while they learn. My child loves to go to school to be with her teacher!

DCPS Parent

Teacher Ms. Boudreaux at Maury Elementary School, Ward 

We have so many great teachers that it's impossible to pick a favorite. But I would like to thank Ms. Boudreaux in particular for going above and beyond not only educating our second graders toward excellent academic achievement but also bringing them up and shaping their lives in a positive and caring way. They have grown and matured tremendously over the past year!

DCPS Parent

Teacher Shirley Battle at Maury Elementary School, Ward 

When I was invited to help out one day and got to see my shy introverted Kindergartner sharing clearly and confidently standing in front of the rest of his classmates and their considerate and thoughtful responses I was so grateful for the sum of a year of love, encouragement, instruction and coaching that Mrs. Battle does with such grace and enthusiasm!

DCPS Parent

Teacher Ms. Hartshorn at Eliot-Hine Middle School, Ward 

Ms. Hartshorn is good 7th grade ELA Teacher. She is very inspiring and she always very helpful. Thanks

DCPS Student

All staff at Spingarn Senior High School, Ward 

I would like send my gratitude to all of the educators at Spingarn SHS! This year has been one of many conflicts, changes, and hurdles for the teachers, counselors, and staff of Spingarn,but they still proceeded and continued to educator our children in Ward 5. Thanks again for all that you do!

DCPS Parent

Teachers Ms. Booth, Ms. Valentine and Ms. Watson at Shepherd Elementary School, Ward and Barnard Elementary School, Ward 

Thank You...
For being
a wonderful
to my children

DCPS Parent

Teacher Ms. Laura Irby at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, Ward 

I do a monthly read-aloud session with Ms. Irby's 5th grade class through the Smith College Alumni Club. Whenever I visit, I'm privileged to observe Ms. Irby in action -- how she maintains a calm, gentle, reassuring presence with the children, all the while providing the clear, precise explanations they need in order to progress in the many subjects, projects, and venues presented to them each day. She asks just the right questions to test whether they have understood what she is trying to communicate. She is a lovely person as well as a dedicated teacher. Her students are fortunate to have her, and I too look forward to the time I spend with her.

Community Member

Teacher Mrs. Joan Turner at Hearst Elementary School, Ward 

Everyday my child comes home excited to talk about her day at school, every morning she is pumped and eager to get to school to learn. Mrs. Turner is not only a great teacher she is an exceptional role model. She encourages, nurtures, and loves every child in her classroom. her commitment to excellence and high expectations have created an environment where learning seems to happen effortlessly. as a parent who has had two kids in her class, separately, i have seen the hard work she puts in everyday, coming in early and stay late everyday. never a moment wasted in class, every min. is a teachable moment. She is the standard which all else should be measured.

DCPS Parent

Teacher Mr. Bethel at Marie Reed Elementary School, Ward 

Mr. Bethel has been an excellent teacher and mentor who has now taught two of my sons. He takes the time to get to know his students which in turns helps him to teach them. You are kind and caring and teachers like yourself are hard to come by. Thanks for all you have done Mr. Bethel.

DCPS Parent

Teacher Donna Ross at Simon Elementary School, Ward 

Thank you for letting me help you today and yesterday. You are the nicest teacher in the world.

DCPS Student

Teacher Carolyn Thorne at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School, Ward 

Mrs. Thorne you saw my baby even in the beginning in Kindergarten and spoke with me consistently on how to nourish her intelligence. Because of your initial passion for her success I was able to take my role as a single, unemployed, disabled parent to a higher level of interest and involvement. The results are that this same kindergartner that you encouraged has just completed her third year at Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I salute you. THANK YOU!!!

DCPS Student

Teacher Brian Frye at Alice Deal Middle School, Ward 

Thank you so much for providing our daughter Blair Brown the opportunity to attend the music festival in Hershey Pa. You are a man of your word. Your dedication to the students and love for music has allowed Blair to blossom and has given her great courage to stand out and perform. My husband and I appreciate all that you have done to encourage her love for the music.

DCPS Parent

Teacher Carolyn Kouri at Alice Deal Middle School, Ward 

Blair love art because of the professionalism and dedication you show towards your craft. Thank you for teaching her how to express herself through her art.

DCPS Parent

Teacher Ms. Wadsworth at Alice Deal Middle School, Ward 

This teacher is very positive and enthusiastic about her subject and her students' learning. She has supported and inspired our daughter and is a pleasure to interact with.

DCPS Parent

Teacher Ms. Natalie Hanni at Maury Elementary School, Ward 

My son, Zach, is in Ms. Hanni's Kindergarten class. Zach is a gifted child. He started school reading on a high 2nd grade level. I had a lot of concerns about whether a teacher would be able to stimulate his learning so that he wouldn't get bored as this would be detrimental to his educational future.

I expressed this concern to Ms. Hanni during our first meeting. She listening with genuine interest.

Turns out I didn't need to worry. She has done a fabulous job at spurring Zach's education, allowing him to grow and even to assist others since that's a big part of his personality. He's a helper. She was able to see that and use it to his advantage.

I very much appreciate Ms. Natalie Hanni and am glad that Zach got such a caring, talented teacher for his first learning experience.

DCPS Parent

Teacher Tony Hursty at Brent Elementary School, Ward 

Thanks for running the library, and the aftercare program.

DCPS Parent

Teacher Ms. Sarah Zydney at Brent Elementary School, Ward 

Thank you, Ms. Zydney, for meeting every child at his/her level and designing engaging, enriching, and plain old fun activities that lead each of them on a path of excellence. Your tireless effort on behalf of EVERY SINGLE ONE of your students does not go unnoticed by them and by their parents. We could not have imagined a better year and only wish you could move on to Kindergarten!

DCPS Parent

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