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“Excellence in Teaching” award winner Angela Benjamin, Woodrow Wilson High School [Photo by James R. Brantley]
“Excellence in Teaching” award winner Roaenetta Mayes Browne, Sharpe Health School [Photo by James R. Brantley]
“Excellence in Teaching” award winner Sylvia Ewing, Kelly Miller Middle School [Photo by James R. Brantley]
“Excellence in Teaching” award winner Charles Feeser, Benjamin Banneker High School [Photo by James R. Brantley]
“Excellence in Teaching” award winner Deborah Flanagan, Barnard Elementary School [Photo by James R. Brantley]
“Excellence in Teaching” award winner Maria Samenga, Harriet Tubman Elementary School [Photo by James R. Brantley]

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Teacher Mrs. Mary Green at Cleveland Elementary

We love you and are honored that you have touched our daughter - not just academically - but you have enriched her life.  Keep up your skills and passion.  It is phenomenal and excellent - just like you.

DCPS parent: Katina W.

Teacher Mrs. Werner at Murch Elementary

I would like to thanks Mrs Werner for her constant dedication, energy and commitment to teaching.  Mrs Werner has taught both our children (Edgar and Ellen) and they are better students because of it.  Thank you.  

DCPS parent: Chris C.

Teacher Ms Fitzpatrick at Murch Elementary

I would like to thanks Ms Fitzpatrick for her constant dedication, energy and commitment to teaching.  Ms Fitzpatrick has taught both our children (Edgar and Ellen) and they are better students because of it.  Thank you.  

DCPS parent: Chris C.

Teacher Ms. Ewart & Ms DeAnna at Watkins Elementary

Ms. Ewart & Ms. DeAnna,

Thank you for always going one step beyond what we could expect and hope for in a teacher. The sincere caring and concern you have shown for our sons education and well being is deeply appreciated. You have taken the time to get to know him and all the kids in his class in a way that allows you both to be a better educators and caregivers to them all. Taking the time to find books that you knew he would be interested in is only one small example of your  successful and thoughtful efforts. I know our son is much better off for having spent this year in your class.

Thank you!

DCPS parent: Paul L.

Teacher Ms. Sadowsky at Robert Brent Elementary

My daughter, Claire Norris, has learned so much from Ms. Sadowsky and Ms. Thompson this year in PS-3.  They are amazing teachers and friends to the children in their class.  Teachers really make a difference in a child's life and Ms. Sadowsky has made a profound postive footprint in Claire's life that will enable her to grow and learn to her fullest ability.

DCPS parent: Kim B.

Teacher Ms. Thompson at Robert Brent Elementary

My daughter, Claire Norris, has learned so much from Ms. Sadowsky and Ms. Thompson this year in PS-3.  They are amazing teachers and friends to the children in their class.  Teachers really make a difference in a child's life and Ms. Sadowsky has made a profound postive footprint in Claire's life that will enable her to grow and learn to her fullest ability.

DCPS parent Kim B.

Teacher Amy Trenkle at Stuart-Hobson Elementary

She has such a lovely way of getting our children involved in so many things I cannot thank her enough!

DCPS parent: Pamela W.

Teacher Amy Trenkle at Stuart Hobson

I am so happy to have a forum to thank Ms. Trenkle for her studious commitment to her 8th graders.  She seems to have a vision of what good education looks like and works extremely hard with her wonderful 8th grade team to implement it.  I have often thought that Ms. Trenkle was the fortunate recipient of a good education and wants to make sure that others have the same benefit.  Thank you Ms. Trenkle for seeing through the disparities in the educational system and creating your own world of curiosity and pursuit of knowledge with our children.

DCPS parent Shirikiana G.

Teacher Andrea Barnes-Johnson at Kramer Middle School

She is the best Special Education teacher I have ever been able to work with, and treats all the kids  she services as if  they were her own. She is a team player with all grade levels and content areas, and spreads her wealth of Knowledge with others.

DCPS student Tineal S.

Teacher Tineal Summers at Kramer Middle School

She is the best and gives her Heart to the Kids daily.

Community Member: James J.

Teacher Ms Devore at Stoddert Elementary

A big welcome to our new Kindergarten teacher, Ms Devore. We are thrilled to be part of your (and Ms. Tatiana's!) class!

DCPS parent: Karen L.

Teacher Ms. Wilkins at Tyler Elementary

Every time I visit your class, your students seem engaged and happy to learn.  Students seem to love being at school, and I speculate a large part of that is because of you.

DCPS employee: Jon R.

Teacher Mr. Daniels at Watkins Montessori

I am so grateful for Mr. Daniels and his approach to teaching. Every day my child comes home enthusiastic about the day and wanting to talk to me about it. I don't even have to ask anymore! Mr. Daniels has a deep respect for the children in his class, and seems to marvel at what they can achieve. I can't thank him enough for what he does.

DCPS parent: Nicole M.

Teacher Ms. Ottley and Ms. D at Miner Elementary

I want to thank both of you for all the support and concern. You are helping shape Kyre's attitude, nurturing him with discipline  and rewarding for his positive actions. And I know one day because of your efforts my ordinary son will become extraordinary. Teaching is the hardest job and I am glad you chosen to do it.

DCPS parent: Kerry W.

Teacher Ms. Mason at Burrville Elementary

As a social worker for Child and Family Services a large part of my job is teaming with the school system. Sometimes that can be challenging and I can get left out of the loop. Othertimes the school has a hard time understanding all of the difficulties and changes that come with being in foster care. Ms. Mason has gone ABOVE and beyond to help a student that I work with. She not only tutors her after school, but provides support and understanding to her difficult circumstances. I appreciate Ms. Mason and wish that I had the opportunity to work with more teachers like her.

Community Member: Elizabeth H.

Teacher Mr. Ali Foster at Hardy Middle School

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Ali Foster for exemplyfing devotion, determination, and dedication.  He's not only an educator and coach, he displays a genuine persona that children and parents respect and appreciate. Thank you for all that you have done, are doing, and will continue to do.  You are a valuable asset to the Hardy Family!

DCPS parent: Daniyel B.

Teacher Rachel Brody at McKinley Technology High School

Ms. Brody is a wonderful teacher.  She makes learning interesting and fun for my daughter.  She cares for the teens and always goes the extra mile for them.  She is an outstanding educator.  She keeps us parents inform of our teens progress positive or negative.  It's an honor to have her educating my daughter.

DCPS parent: Linda R.

Teacher Mr. Dingledine at Stoddert Elementary School

Thank you for every thing you've done for me. It has been a wonderful year with you.

DCPS student: Mohamed M.

Teacher Mr. S. Davis at Watkins Elementary School

I'd like to thank Mr. Davis, a 2nd grade teacher at Watkins ES, for the extra time he spends with his students, especially my son, providing academic guidance and teaching the children respect for themselves, adults and peers.  He is truly an exceptional teacher and role model.  THANK YOU MR. DAVIS!

DCPS parent: Karen E.

Teacher Ms. Spann-Goode at Deal Middle School

Ms. Spann-Goode has taught at Deal for many, many years and through it all she has managed to maintain her zest for teaching and love of children. Being the parent of a child who often presents challenges, Ms. Spann-Goode continually reacts in love and with fairness. I really appreciate the dedication of Ms. Spann-Goode and the entire Team Rome at Alice Deal Middle School.

DCPS parent: Sheila F

Teacher Ms. Barry at John Eaton Elementary School

There is only one of you! Ricaiah has enjoyed each and every class of yours and we think you're great too! Thank YOU!!

DCPS parent: Pam G.

Teacher Mr. Steinberg at John Eaton Elementary School

Thank you so much for a Wonderful year.

DCPS parent: Pam G.

Teacher Ms Henderson & Ms Couts at Watkins Montessori

Ms Henderson and Ms Couts are such wonderful teachers!  Smart, energetic, dedicated and caring (and stern, when the situation warrants).  My daughter was so lucky to have Ms Couts' as a teacher for three years during the primary years at Watkins' Montessori.  Now, my daughter has the pleasure of of completing her first year in Ms. Henderson's elementary class. I just love the Montessori program and all of the other teachers and staff associated with the program and school.  Thanks so much for all you do each and every day.  You make learning so fun and rewarding.

DCPS parent: Mike L.

Teacher Ms. Jones at Watkins Elementary School

Ms Jones Is one of the best teachers iin the entire area. Her style of teaching is different and unique. She helps the children to believe in themselves and understand that they can accomplish anything they want to. She goes above and beyond the call of duty as a human being and a teacher. We love her very much and thank her for all of the help that she has given to my daughter and the other children. She is truly needed as a teacher. I thank GOD for Ms. Jones.

DCPS parent: Caroline O.

Teacher Debra Easter at Anne Beers Elementary School

I want to give Ms. Easter a very huge " Thank You" for  being a blessing to my son Jerquan. He has advanced in many ways by your teachings in the classroom. Since his first day in your class I knew that he would grow as time went by.  THANK YOU, MS. EASTER!!!!!!!

DCPS parent: Muriel W.

Teacher Ms. Chesterson, Mrs. Washington at Anne Beers Elementary School

My appreciation goes out to the both of you. With your combined efforts in assisting my son daily. I can't express enough gratitude to you both.

Thank You !

DCPS parent: Muriel W.

Teacher Ms. Amber Scott at Maury Elementary

Ms. Scott is a masterful, nurturing and wise first grade teacher. My son is so lucky he gets to experience first grade and all its riches--from early independent reading to science exploration and math concepts-- through her classroom. She is a gifted young teacher and I envy the students and parents moving up through the grades who will get to be part of her classroom. She manages a class so well and makes it seem effortless. I have tried briefly. It is not effortless at all. And--this is her first year at our school. Great job, Ms. Scott!

DCPS parent: Liz F.

Teacher Mr. Scott Harding at Maury Elementary

Mr. Scot, as he is called, is a treasure at Maury. He is very in tune with his students and very sensitive to and  well-versed in early childhood development, but all the kids know is that they are having fun, learning to become more independent and learn nifty new skills and make friends with each other. Students not in his class, no matter their age, seem wistful at times, wishing they could have the experience, or have had it, of being in his preschool room. Every little touch he adds to the class is spot-on, and my daughter is so lucky to have begun her school years with Mr. Scott. Our principal makes some awesome hires!

DCPS parent Liz F.

Teacher Michael Benson at Oyster Adams Bilingual

Mr. Benson is one of the best teachers to teach for DCPS.  He is smart, creative and in tune to his students.  My son has had an amazing year because of Mr. Bensons great teaching.  Thank you for hiring him DCPS.

DCPS parent: Julie G.

Teacher Nancy Nickel at Lafayette Elementary School

Hi Ms. Nickel:

You have done such beautiful work with Angeline as she blossoms and flourishes.  Just thank you for the positive strokes and creative teaching.  It has allowed her to respond positively and with confidence.

DCPS parent Karen D.

All of the teachers at The Washington Metropolitan High School

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers of The Washington Metropolitan High School (DC Met).  I feel truly fortunate because I have the opportunity to work by their side.  They are dedicated professionals who never hesitate to go above and beyond.  The youth of DC are lucky to have them in their corner.  Thank you, DC Met teachers!

DCPS employee: Kelly H.

Teacher Shavon Walker at McKinley Tech High School

Ms. Walker goes beyond the call of duty.  My son is autistic, she has Darrell in her class. She has gotten him to be more outgoing, organized and outspoken in class and in general  has turned him a happier child.  I will always be greatful, because she was able to reach him, which is difficult to do with autistic children.

DCPS parent: Alice B.

Teacher Irlean Houston at Winston

Thanks to you Mrs. Houston for your continued eagerness to guide my child on a daily basis.  I appreciate you.

DCPS parent: Yolanda T.

All Teachers

I don't have any children but I follow education and want you to know that I do respect the amount of work and energy it takes to be a teacher and that the creative life you bring to the lives of others is quite meaningful.  Most important job there is. Please keep doing a good job, I hope you get back what you deserve.

Community Member: Paul S.

Teacher Ms. Fishman at McKinley Technology High School

Words can not convey the debt I owe Ms. Fishman for the transformation I have witnessed in my daughter. Jessica used to dread math. We always knew that was her weakest subject. That was in the past. Now Jessica is able to grasp all concepts and even assist other students. Ms. Fishman demonstrates how teaching is an art. Ms. Fishman is creative about lessons and finds a way to reach all of her students. At McKinley Ms. Fishman has a legendary reputation. Parents and students treasure Ms. Fishman.  Students that have the benefit of having Ms. Fishman as their teacher will clearly have an advantage later in life. If I had a million dollars I would give that to Ms. Fishman.  She deserves that and more.

DCPS parent: Tijwanna P.

Teacher Brittany Walsh at John Eaton

Gareth was thrilled to have you as his teacher this year and we both hope you have a wonderful summer!


DCPS parent: Kristin M.

Teacher Ms. Sullivan at Randle Highlands Elementary School

Ms. Estrellita Sullivan

Thank you for extending your time and support in providing me tools to become an effective teacher and positively effect change as a new-comer. Thank you for all that you do for Randle Highlands, the students and faculty!

DCPS employee: Tina N.

Teacher Veronica Romero at Strong John Thomson

Ms. Romero is a very hard worker, and well respected by her students, and their parents.  She has high standards and is helping her students every day with self-discipline, good team work, respecting each other, and many other good habits.  My wife and I appreciate her work each day!

DCPS parent: Ben C.

Teacher Susan Coti at John Eaton

Anna has had such a fantastic experience in your class this year--thank you so much for all that you do!


DCPS parent: Kristin M.

Teacher Ms. Amy Gianakis at Key Elementary School

We are so grateful to have Ms. Gianakis as our daughter's kindergarten teacher.  She is so patient, caring, and responsive to the children.  She really understands all the kids, guides their learning while keeping it fun for the kids.  Ms. Gianakis is always available to discuss concerns and has creative and thoughtful solutions.  We are so amazed at all the progress our daughter has made this year with Ms. Gianakis, she has learned so much.  We are so appreciative for the caring guidance of Ms. Gianakis that made our daughter's transition into kindergarten seamless.  Thank you Ms. Gianakis for an amazing first year of school for our entire family!

DCPS parent: Myriam T.

Teacher Henri Cooper at Maury Elementary School

I have witnessed Mrs. Cooper in action for many years now.  She is absolutely one of the most positive and caring educators I've met.  She has an uncanny gift to create an atmosphere of worth and importance for her students.  They transform into people of true character under her guidance.  They are always respectful, courteous and helpful to all other students, teachers and guests to our building.  The would not dare let a teacher carry something or open a door. It's as if she were teaching a full day character development course along with the core subject areas.  Those fifth graders absolutely adore her!!!!  So do I!!!

DCPS employee: Asonja D.

Teacher Chinta Fulford at John Burroughs Educational Center

I appreciate this teacher,because she cares about the students and help them in learning their work. She also tutored my daughter  and her grades went up and she understood her work and feel more confident in herself. My daughter Heaven is in the fourth grade and she loves her teacher as well as her peers and John Burroughs. Keep up the excellent work in having teachers  that put fun in work while the children are still learning and having teacher Appreciation Week because their are teachers like Ms. Fulford that we as parents do appreciate.

DCPS parent: Lestine J.

Teacher Ms. Harris at Burrville Elementary

I would like to recognize Ms. Harris at Burrville Elementary school for being an outstanding teacher. Ms. Harris has been my daughter's teacher in the Head Start Program and Pre-K. I am amazed how much educational information my daughter has learned in the past two years. Everyday my daughter is excited about the new things she has learned and speaks highly of her teacher. It's rare to find an excellent teacher and I am honored to send my daughter to school everyday knowing Ms. Harris is giving her the necessary tools to become a success. Ms. Harris I would like to thank you for the wonderful things you have done and will continue to do!!

DCPS parent: Thomas G.

Teachers Rich Trogisch, Lauren Dietz, Sylvia Isaac, Matthew Ambrosio, Nicholas Bennett, Janine Pokorak, The English Dept., SWW Staff at School Without Walls

To Rich Trogisch, Sylvia Isaac, Lauren Dietz,  Shenita Denson,  The Staff with a special shout out to Nicholas Bennett, Matthew Ambrosio, and Janine Pkorak,

How do I begin to thank those who looked after my son, mentored him, and supported him in reaching his dreams? We are so appreciative of all efforts made, the intellectual guidance and stimulation, and emotional backing that our son has recieved and that we, as parents, have also received. 

The decision to attend SWW was certainly the most important decision to date regarding our son's success and without a doubt, the best decision we could have made. As our son enters the world of Wharton at Univ. of Pennsylvania this fall, he will carry with him the multitude of developmental skills, intellectual insights, and great experiences that will continue to shape his future successes. Many, many thanks from us all.

Robert, Ronnie, and Zack Jersky

DCPS parent: Ronnie J.

Teacher Nathan Havner at Watkins Elementary School

Mr. Havner provides a structured, engaging environment for learning. He also understands the importance of movement for young children and works to promote outdoor play and physical activity for his students. We have really enjoyed being a part of Mr. Havner's classroom this year and hope that he continues to provide DCPS students with his enthusiasm for years to come.

DCPS parent: Nadia El G.

Teacher Sarah Kaufman at Watkins Montessori

Ms Kaufman really takes a personal interest in her students, and encourages communication with parents- even when she is not working. She creates a warm environment where the children feel comfortable learning at their own pace, while maintaining order in the less structured Montessori setting. We are so thankful that our daughter has had an opportunity to spend this year learning in her classroom.

DCPS parent: Nadia El G.

Teacher Lauren Barros at Hyde Addison

Ms. Barros is an excellent teacher!  Our son comes home every day happy and tired.  He has learned a tremendous amount this year and continues to enjoy school.  Ms. Barros has taught him at his level and ensured a years worth of progress.  

We are very grateful to her for all her hard work and consistency over the year.  First grade has been a truly excellent experience and we attribute that greatly to Ms. Barros!

DCPS parent: Amy M.

Teacher Ms. Walsh at John Eaton Elementary School

Thank you for inspiring our child in your math class. We are reminded daily just how you make math fun - and we think you're great too!

DCPS parent: Pam G.

Teacher Ms. McKinley at John Eaton Elementary School

We hear that your Language Arts class is AWESOME!! And we think you're AWESOME too!!! Thank you for encouraging my daughter..

DCPS parent: Pam G.

Teacher Brittany Walsh at Eaton Elementary

I am so grateful to have Brittany Walsh as my daughter's first grade teacher. She is always insightful, innovative, motivated and it has been a pure joy and pleasure to have her teach my child this school year. 

She is truly the definition of what a great teacher should be. I hope that we are just as blessed with a phenomenal teacher such as Brittany Walsh next year.

Thanks Brittany Walsh, Your the Best!!!

DCPS parent: Corlina W.

Teacher Sara Duckett at Hart Middle School

Ms. Duckett invited me to her Dream Launching Ceremony, held on May 3, 2011 from 4:00-5:30 pm. This was something she always wanted to do, and she called it Dream Releasers, and it was to open the cage of unreleased dreams in our children. She recognized the students who worked very hard and they wrote about their dreams for the future.

She also had a dynamic speaker all the way from North Carolina, her name was Wynette Richardson of Verbal Relations Motivational Speaking Firm. Her speach was very inspirational, motivating, awesome and empowering. Mrs. Duckett perspective for her students should be applaud. 

Also, her students received awards and certificates. I feel that these students will be successful in life after hearing that program. Could you please call her so she can explain her program in her own words? Oh, Mrs. Duckett also, said, "Every single person has a dream in their heart. But sometimes those dreams cannot be released without the encouragement and help of a parent, teacher, coach, mentor, or friend".  

She also said "A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others."-author unknown

DCPS employee: Regina A.

Teacher Marta Stewart at Duke Ellington School of the Arts

Dear Ms. Stewart,

Thank you for being the steward and leader of an amazing and unique program in DCPS:  Museum Studies.  My daughter loves this program, loves her Museum Studies classes and is learning so much.  

This program should be lauded as an exemplary one; unique in this country as it trains young curators, art historians and museum lovers and educators.  Every high school student should have the chance to explore their passions in this way.  You bring so much to the educational experience of your Museum Studies students. Bravo!

DCPS parent: Heidi B.

Teacher Wendy Bridges at Langdon Education Campus

I would like to thank each and every member of the Langdon Education Campus staff for their love, caring and commitment to the children of this educational institution. We are the hardest and most dedicated people on the planet. 

I am so very glad to be a member of the "Langdon Family" because that's just what we are, a family. We work very well together, the teachers always hold the children in the highest regard and care about their well being, happiness and their health. Teachers at Langdon most definitely put children first! They are intelligent, eager, kind and understanding people.

I it a pleasure to come to my job everyday and look at the smiling faces of the staff at Langdon Education Campus. Go Warriiors!!!!!!

DCPS employee: Wendy B.

Teacher Emily Henry at John Burroughs

I would like to express my appreciation for Ms. Henry's hard work and superior dedication to her students. The love that she has for them really shows. I can only imagine the challenges of teaching a group of curious, active, and often times demanding group of 6 and 7 year old boys and girls. 

I must admit that my own son, Elijah, can be a handful, but with the determination that Ms. Henry has exhibited he is excelling academically and evolving into a mature young man.

Thank you Ms. Henry!

DCPS parent: Stephanie B.

Teacher Jamie Weng at Hearst Elementary School

Thank you Ms. Weng for your attention to our son! We are so happy with his progress this year.

DCPS parent: Kara C.

Teacher Wallace Haith at Hearst Elementary School

Thank you, Mr. Wallace, for your hard work this year! We are so happy with our son's progress.

DCPS parent: Kara C.


Teacher Nikki Barber at Wheatley Education Campus

Mrs.Barber is a very positive influence on her students always teaching them to strive for excellence. I am always welcomed with open arms.  She has helped my daughter not only improve her study habits but has given her life skills and encouragement to build her own character in society by doing what is right. She's a joy to have. 

Thank you Mrs.Barber for strengthing our familys education.

DCPS parent: Tamika T.

Teacher Ms. Amanda Tuck at Walker Jones Education Campus

I would like to say thank you to Ms.Amanda Tuck for being a genuinely caring and thoughtful teacher of children with special needs. Her belief and tireless effort to make sure that all children learn is admirable and she is greatly appreciated by the community!

Community Member: Rachel F.

Teacher Ms. Cynthia Mosteller at Alice Deal Middle School

I want to thank Ms. Cynthia Mosteller, who is the best History teacher in all of DCPS.  Her dedication to duty and her commitment to the children of Alice Deal is unmatched.  

Ms. Mosteller is determined that each and every student who walks through her doors will know 8th grade history.  Whether they want to or not.  The mere mention of National History Day projects still bring shivers, but also smiles when we think of Ms. Mosteller's kind yet firm guidance and constant reminders.  She may be small in stature but she sure is huge in commitment to the children of DCPS.  

Go Ms. Mosteller!!

DCPS parent: Audrey N.

Teacher Amy Wadsworth at Alice Deal Middle School

Thanks for your exceptional support of our children through your creative and inspired teaching of history, including your mentoring of National History Day competitors and organization of many field trips around the DC area.  Co-founding the first DCPS middle school Ultimate team, you've introduced more than 50 middle schoolers to the sport and its spirit and made our kids proud of their achievements on and off the field.  

For regularly sacrificing your personal time to be a friend and tenacious supporter of all of the children in your classes, and motivating them to bring out their best for you, thank you!

DCPS parent: Cliff J.

Teacher Ms. Alisa Halliburton at Shaw at Garnett Patterson

Ms Halliburton works with the Autism Program at Shaw.

 My son started her class in the 6th grade last year unable to read, spell on his own or write anything more than his 1st and last name. Since day one I noticed a change in my son, he can now look at me as he speaks and doesn't get so frustrated anymore!  (having autism he has to think of the right words to say and how to say it correctly)

He also has done so many 1st things with Ms Halliburton!! He actually can READ to me now! He can do math, division, addition etc. and that was something he NEVER did on his own.

Ms Halliburton has managed to get into my sons head (and his classmates too!) and helped him to learn how to take in information and process it.  I never thought my son would be reading, never thought he would be able to talk in FULL sentences and even knows how to make a joke!

I can go on and on about how Ms. Halliburton has changed my son from being a frustrated angry little boy to a happy and loving teenager who is thriving in school. My prayers were answered the day my son stepped foot in her classroom last year.  

I cannot express how much of an Asset she is within Special Education Autism, knowing how to reach our children and actually doing it and then going on to teach the children so many things in such a short time is amazing!

DCPS parent: Michelle W.

Teacher Charlene Evans-Smith at Takoma Educational Center at Meyer

I would like to express my sincerest appreciation for all teachers but especially for my children's teachers.  Ms. Evans-Smith is a new teacher at Takoma and has embraced the professional whole-heartedly.  Her approach to teaching allows all of the children to participate fully in the lesson and to express themselves in various meaningful ways.  

Although there is sometimes a language difference, the children have been taught to communicate, play, and interact with others through sign language, symbolism, and alternative meanings of expression due to the creativity of Ms. Evans-Smith.  

Her calming and patient temperament is very comforting to the children and the parents.  Ms. Evans-Smith is always so pleasant and is a joy to have as my child's preschool teacher!

DCPS parent: Bernice L.

Teacher Mr Welsh/ Mrs Marcus at Murch Elementary School

Without Mr Welsh and Mrs Marcus, my daughter would have been lost in the Kindergarten and in a new school.  Mr. Welsh and Mrs Marcus were both patient with my daughter and the time it took for her to adjust to her new school and surroundings.  She has learned more this year than she has learned in the previous 2 years at her old school. I can not thank them enough for all the hard work that they do.

DCPS parent: Alicia J.

Teacher Ms. Chiara Lee at Burrville Elementary School

I would like to thank Ms. Lee, who is one of the pre-k teachers at Burrville ES, for the wonderful job she has done with my daughter, Lauren Bryant.  In fact, form what I have seen she does a great job with the entire class.  I can see the great impact she has on my child, because she loves to talk about her. 

The few times I have observed the class in action, there was so much respect, cooperation and discipline, I couldn't believe this was a class  full of 4 year olds .  So again with a great deal of gratitude, thank you to Ms. Lee and Ms. White( paraprofessional) at Burrville ES

DCPS parent: Ebony D.

Teacher Mamie Vick at Maury Elementary

Ms. Vick is a fabulous Kindergarten teacher! She clearly loves each of her students and is totally invested in their learning.  She has an awesome ability to get kids excited about school and creates a warm and joyful classroom climate.  The relationship she has with her classroom aide, Mrs. Ouzts (Mrs. O) is phenomenal.  

Every day, Ms. Vick and Mrs. O, model collaboration, appreciation and positive communication skills.  They welcome parents into the class and reward us with funny anecdotes and words of praise about our children. 

I wish every Kindergartner had the opportunity to experience the rigor and excitement of being in Ms. Vick's classroom. Just as I wish every parent could feel as delighted and as fortunate as I do. My son has had a fabulous year.  Thank you, Ms. Vick!! Thank you, Mrs. O!!

DCPS parent: Rachel W.

Teacher Ms. Sharlyn Brown at Takoma Educational Center at Meyer

Words can not express the appreciation and gratitude I have for Ms. Sharlyn Brown my child's second grade teacher at Takoma Educational Center at Meyer.  Ms. Brown is more than just a teacher to her "children," she is a mentor,a counselor,a psychologist,a mother, a father and so much more to the children at Takoma Educational Center.  

My daughter has developed a love of learning all because of the way in which Ms. Brown connects the subjects taught in class to what goes on in everyday life.  When I sit down with my daughter to do homework, I can tell my daughter understands a concept or theory when I see "the light bulb goes on" above her head and she tells me "Ms. Brown said..." and she can clearly and thoroughly "teach" me how to work a problem or decode a word.  

Ms. Brown is a professional who truly loves what she does and it is conveyed to her students not only in the academics but in the appreciation of the arts as well.  Ms. Brown is stern but understanding, fastidious but forgiving, strict but loving; Ms. Brown challenges the children to do their best and to exceed above and beyond.  Ms. Brown is a true blessing to the children.

DCPS parent: Bernice L.

Teacher Ms Houghton at Peabody

We moved from Tennessee to this area last November, so my kids were going into a new school late [in the school year]. Ms Houghton is my 5 year old daughters kindergarten teacher.She has been so helpful in getting her adjusted and just making her feel welcome into the class.

Ms Houghton even helped find speech therapy for my youngest daughter who is not even in school yet.She is a great teacher and just an overall great person.We will miss her next year when we move up to Watkins.

DCPS parent: Carrie R.

Teacher Ms. Stuk at Kramer Middle School

Thank you for helping with Math and preparing me for the DCAS Test.

DCPS student: Keith B.

Teacher Ms. Couts at Watkins Montessori

We would like to extend our gratitude to our son's teacher Ms. Couts. She has always been extremely patient and understanding to his needs. Since he started attending her class, he has been very interested in learning. He became really independent, self-directed and truly curious about the world around him.We can't wish for better first teacher for him.

DCPS parent: Petra J.

Teacher Mr. Lee at Kramer Middle School

Mr. Lee,

You are one of the best teachers in Kramer Middle School.  I want to thank you for all of your help in Language/Art Class.  I will visit you when I pass to the seventh grade.

DCPS student: Keith B.

Teacher Timothy Leonard at Shepherd Elementary School

So glad to have joined the Shepherd Family this school year. I want to thank Mr. Leonard for his compassion, dedication, and effort in seeing that my child is receiving the best education possible.  I wish I could have him teach my son forever!  Glad to see that great DC public school teachers still exists! Thank a bunch!

DCPS parent: Alexis M.

Teacher Eduardo Gamarra at Oyster-Adams Bilingual School

Mr Gamarra has been an inspiring teacher for many students and families. He has taken the time to establish rapport and trust with the families of students who are detouring from the academic arena.  He is a good teacher and a great human being!

DCPS employee: Evelyn M.

Teacher Ms. Simmons at Seaton

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication.  My daughter "Zoe" truely enjoys being taught by Ms. Simmons.  Keep up the good work.

DCPS parent: Sharone B.

ALL STAFF at Eliot-Hine Middle School

I want to thank all the staff for providing a superior education as well as environment. Thank you all for the support. My daughter (Kyon) has become a well rounded, socially mature and secure young lady. I appreciate that children are valued as family not just students. A big Thanks to Ms. Mitchell ' Ms. Hartshorn, Ms. Brown and Ms. Weech. You all are definitely some of the best teachers a parent can ask for!!!

DCPS parent: Kerry W.

Teacher Ms. Wilson at Brookland-Bunker Hill Education Campus

I would like to thank Ms. Wilson (3rd grade teacher) for the GREAT improvement I noticed with my son and his grades.  My son was a transfer after the 1st Quarter from a catholic school and was not performing very well.  I have to say that now my son grades have greatly improved!!  Ms. Wilson thank you for a job well done!!

DCPS parent: Laura N.

Teacher Julia Sadowsky at Robert Brent Elementary

As the grandparent of a child in Julia Sadowsky's PS3 class, I am exceedingly grateful for her weekly reports sent to parents and forwarded on to me by my son.  Because I don't live in the D.C. area, these reports have allowed me to have weekly insight into what's happening in my grandson's preschool program and into his specific areas of development and progress.  

These weekly reports are the best gift this  grandparent can have from a thoughtful, dedicated, awesome teacher.  Thank you, Miss Sadowsky!!

DCPS parent: Barbara C.

Teacher Ms. Janet Murphy at Watkins Montessori

Thank you Ms. Murphy for your excellence in teaching!  We appreciate your dedication and commitment to the children's social, emotional, and academic advancement.  Our children love to learn and we know you have been a critical element in instilling that value!  Thank you for everything you do.

DCPS parent: Malini P.

Teacher Tiffany Starke at Brookland Elementary

I would like to extend my gratitude to her because she simply changed my life. She exposed me to a world beyond the darkness of my community and gave me hope that I have a chance of becoming somebody great when I get older. Ms. Starke is a teacher who cares and makes you think.

DCPS student: Mark B.

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