Preliminary School Allocations for FY11 

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Below are preliminary school allocations for school year 2010-2011. These allocations were distributed to school principals on January 25. Principals used these initial allocations to develop their staffing and non-personnel needs for the 2010-2011 school year and were instructed to share them with their Local School Restructuring Teams and School Budget Committees.

Throughout the course of the budgeting process, there were many changes made to these preliminary allocations: student enrollment projections were adjusted, the numbers of students projected to receive special education services or English Language Learners services were adjusted, some programmatic changes were made that could enhance or decrease the amount a specific school receives, among other adjustments.

Principals, through consultation with their school communities and support by central office, made decisions on how to allocate funds to further the missions of their school and school community. This process began in late December and finished by the end of March. The preliminary school budgets will be submitted to the council with the mayor’s budget. The final, preliminary school-level budgets will be posted on the DCPS website, when the mayor’s budget is submitted.

Aiton ES

Amidon ES

Anacostia SHS

Ballou SHS

Ballou STAY

Bancroft ES

Banneker SHS

Barnard ES

Beers ES

Brent ES

Brightwood EC

Brookland EC

Browne EC

Bruce-Monroe ES

Burroughs ES

Burrville ES

Cardozo SHS

CHOICE Academy

Cleveland ES

Columbia Heights EC

Cooke, H.D. @ K.C. Lewis

Coolidge SHS

Davis ES

Deal JHS

Drew ES

Dunbar SHS

Eastern SHS

Eaton ES

Eliot-Hine MS

Ellington SHS

Emery EC

Ferebee-Hope ES

Francis-Stevens EC

Garfield ES

Garrison ES

Hamilton Center

Hardy MS

Harris, C.W. ES

Hart MS

Hearst ES

Hendley ES

Houston ES

Hyde ES

Janney ES

Jefferson MS

Johnson MS

Kelly Miller MS

Kenilworth ES

Ketcham ES

Key ES

Kimball ES

King ES

Kramer MS

Lafayette ES

Langdon ES

Lasalle-Backus EC

Leckie ES

Ludlow-Taylor ES

MacFarland MS

Malcolm X ES

Mamie D. Lee

Mann ES

Marshall EC

Maury ES

McKinley SHS

Miner ES

Moore Academy

Moten ES @ Wilkinson

Murch ES

Nalle ES

Noyes ES

Orr ES

Oyster-Adams Bilingual EC

Patterson ES

Payne ES

Peabody ES

Phelps SHS

Plummer ES

Powell EC

Prospect LC

Randle-Highlands ES

Raymond ES

Reed LC

River Terrace ES

Ron Brown MS

Roosevelt SHS

Roosevelt STAY

Ross ES

Savoy ES

School Without Walls SHS

Seaton ES

Shaed EC

Sharpe Health

Shaw MS

Shepherd ES

Simon ES

Smothers ES

Sousa MS

Spingarn STAY

Stanton ES

Stoddert ES

Stuart-Hobson MS

Takoma EC

Terrell, M.C. ES

Thomas ES

Thomson ES

Transition Academy @ Shadd

Truesdell EC

Tubman ES

Turner-Green ES

Tyler ES

Walker-Jones EC

Watkins ES

Webb-Wheatley EC

West EC

Whittier EC

Wilson SHS

Wilson, J.O. ES

Winston EC

Woodson Academy

Woodson Business and Finance

Woodson, H.D. SHS

Youth Engagement Academy

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