FY12 Budget Process 

FY12 Budget Process

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Overview of the FY12 Budget Process

Every year, the District of Columbia Public Schools submits a budget in late February or early March to the mayor as part of the citywide budget process.  Within the overall DCPS budget that the mayor receives, each school has a proposed budget submitted by the principal.

Starting in December, every principal thinks about how they want to budget for the following year, gathers input from their community through the Local School Advisory Team (LSAT) and consults with key Central Office staff.  It is from December until February that the LSAT, and community as a whole, is needed most to support and advise the principal.

Updated: FY12 Budget Timeline and Key Dates

The difficulty of the timeline makes it incredibly important that LSATs get involved early, plan with their principal about how they will meet and consult, and do as much preparation as possible. 

We are pushing back the release of the initial budget allocations from Tuesday, January 18th to Tuesday, January 25th. The date to submit your final budget has also been pushed back accordingly, to February 11th.

Here is the updated timeline: 

Tentative Date Activity
November 29 DCPS FY12 Budget Hearing
Mid December School Budget Process Kick-off meeting for LSATs
Late December Technical Assistance for principals
Early January Information sessions for LSAT members to learn more about how school budgets work
Early January to late January LSATs and principals meet to discuss priorities of the school and reflect on last year's budget
January 24 Release of FY12 Budget Guide
January 25 Distribution of school budget allocations
January 25 - February 11 Principals consult with LSATs, develop budgets to submit to chancellor
January 27 - February 1 Technical Assistance for principals and LSATs together
February 2 Budget Petitions Due
February 9 Petition Results Released
February 11 Principals submit budgets to chancellor
February 14 - February 18 Roundtables with principals resulting in final budget submission
Early March DCPS budget submitted to mayor

November 29 Budget Hearing

Thank you for your substantive testimonies.  The written testimony is posted below.  Oral testimony will be posted next week.

Your input helps DCPS make the best decisions possible for our students.  We still need your input and feedback.  Please use the form below to join the conversation.

Download the written testimony from the hearing.

Download the PowerPoint presentation from the hearing.

RESCHEDULED: December 21 Budget Process Kick-Off

Unfortunately, due to inclement weather the budget kick-off meeting is canceled. There will be a make-up meeting held at DCPS headquarters (1200 First St NE Washington, DC 20002) on December 21 at 6:30 p.m.

Thursday, December 16
Savoy Elementary School
2400 Shannon Place, SE from 6:30 – 8 p.m. 

This meeting will help your team get started on the school budget process and will make the rest of the process clearer and smoother, especially if this is your first time working on school budgets.

Download the PowerPoint.

Additional LSAT Budget Process Meetings

Due to inclement weather and the holidays many of you did not have the opportunity to come meet with us about the school budget process. We have scheduled two additional meetings for next week to go over the process and some of the nuts and bolts of school budgeting. They are as follows:

Monday, January 10, 2011
DCPS Headquarters
1200 First St NE

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Marie Reed ES
2200 Champlain St. NW

POSTPONED: Feb 1 Community Information Session: Budget Allocations

The meeting planned for Tuesday, February 1, at 1200 First St. NE is being postponed.

We will be hosting a meeting on February 1 for any LSAT members or interested community members to learn more about the budget allocation formula.  Check back soon for more details.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DCPS Headquarters
1200 First St. NE
Washington DC, 20002

Provide Input, Ask Questions

If you have immediate questions or concerns that are not answered on this page you are encouraged to reach out in a few different ways.

  1. Through email - any specific questions or concerns can be sent to lsat.help@dc.gov.
  2. At your school - reach out to your principal, LSAT chair or LSAT members, to let them know what you are thinking or to find out where they are in the process.
  3. Provide your input or feedback using the form below.


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