Comprehensive Staffing Model 

Budget FY12

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The Comprehensive Staffing Model (CSM) is how DCPS allocates funds to individual schools to guarantee a standard level of service across all our programs. 

This model helps us guarantee certain required positions are in place (such as Principal or Instructional Coach) while also providing school leaders with the flexibility to staff their classrooms in line with school goals. 

This is why the model is divided into two categories: Required Staffing and Flexible Staffing.

School leaders and school communities should be able to review this model with an understanding of their school’s projected enrollment to determine how their allocation was developed. The model also will help inform the petition process, or the period in which school leaders may “petition” to opt out of certain Required Staffing positions.

If you have additional questions or comments, submit your feedback here.

Download Comprehensive Staffing Model for FY12.

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