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Be Prepared, Get Informed

Get InformedEmergencies can occur quickly and without warning. The best way to keep yourself and your family safe is to be prepared before an emergency strikes. Learn more at Other ways you can stay informed:



Know the Numbers

The District of Columbia provides a number of ways for the community to contact the Metropolitan Police Department in both emergency and non-emergency circumstances.

Find out more about 311 and 911 and other police hotlines.


MPD Email Discussion Group

EnvelopeOnline email list discussion groups are designed to attract area residents, employees, students, business owners, elected officials, and government agency representatives interested in coming together to solve problems and share public safety-related information that will improve the quality of life in each police district. Get more information and register to participate at

Community Safety Meetings

CalendarEvery resident lives in a Police Service Area (PSA), and every PSA has a team of police officers and officials assigned to it. Residents should get to know their PSA team members and learn how to work with them to fight crime and disorder in their neighborhoods.

Find out more about your Police Service Area and neighborhood meetings


Safety Programs and Safety Tips

There are a variety of actions you can take every day and groups you can become involved in to ensure the safety of yourself and the ones you love. Find a number of suggestions to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime and the appropriate precautions to ensure physical safety. 


Stats, Reports & Registries

Use these quick links to find information ranging from crime statistics and unsolved crimes to reports and agency performance.


Agency Performance


Safety & Special Event Permits

Each year, millions of residents and visitors traverse through the District. Certain permits are required to ensure the hundreds of special events and activities held throughout the city each year are safe. Find applications below to the most common permits:



Public Safety Tweets