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District of Columbia Broadband Map

What We Are Working On
An important initiative is underway within the District of Columbia to collect and process data related to broadband availability, access, and adoption rates. The ultimate goal of this project is to build a District-wide broadband map showing usage and access to broadband technology.

View the DC Broadband Map.

The District will create fundamental broadband datasets and an interactive method for displaying and using this data, as a participant in the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) State Broadband Data and Development Grant Program.


What You Can Do To Help

The effort to map the District's Broadband access and adoption will require the participation of its citizens.  This means we need YOUR help!  Please assist us by taking our quick Broadband Public Survey and Testing Your Broadband Connection Speed.

The data is collected by the DC GIS program and the DC Public Service Commission. The data is consolidated onto a map of the District of Columbia depicting broadband service and adoption. Additional data is gathered from broadband providers and submitted to the Federal Government’s National Broadband Map.


DC Residential Wireline Broadband Adoption Rates
A series of maps show the residential wireline Broadband Adoption Rates across the District. The adoption rates are based on provider connection information filed with the FCC and census data reported at the census tract level.


Service Need

The map shows estimated residential broadband adoption rates by Census tract for the entire city.


Service at a Glance

Provided By: OCTO
Phone: (202) 727-2400
Location: 200 I Street SE, 5th Floor Washington, DC 20003

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