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Desktop and Database Software Standards

The District GIS desktop software standards consist of the Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc. (ESRI) products and Google Inc. geospatial services and software. The ESRI standard includes the ArcGIS line of desktop and server software product lines. The Google standard includes the Google Earth Enterprise line of server side products and Google Maps for mash-up type applications. Other geospatial software packages and vendors can be accommodated if necessary to meet specific business requirements.

Oracle and SQL Server are the database standards. For GIS, Oracle 9i or greater is the standard. For personal geodatabases, Microsoft Access is the standard. Personal geodatabases are the standard for transferring files that possess topology or other specialized SDE rules and metadata.



Service Need

Access to standard GIS software and database implementations. Maintaining the DC GIS central enterprise license pool.


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Provided By: OCTO
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