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Develop Websites Using GIS Web Services

Learn how to make and retrieve on-line maps and data about Washington DC via web-services. Please feel free to integrate these web services into your website(s). Using these will save time, money and the uncertainty of having the most current data.

Web Map services are available in two projections: Maryland State Plane and Web Mercator.  Support for these services are available to District of Columbia agencies and their contractors only.  If for some reason the services are interrupted or unavailable a notice is posted through the DC GIS subscription service.


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Web Data Services

MAR Location Verifier Verify or find a DC address, intersection, block, square suffix lot and place name
Property Data Services Functions to retrieve property identifiers from Vector Property data.
Basic Map Generate a jpeg map with user defined parameters including map width, height and layers
Category Contents View category information based on Category ID
Category Features A point-to-polygon service using Category ID and Maryland State Plane Coordinate System
Feature Details Query a feature based on Feature ID
Point Area Report Returns results based on Maryland State Plane Coordinate System and Category ID
Political Area Report Query political area information
Political Area Summary Get all political area information based on Maryland State Plane Coordinate System
Coordinate Converter Converts Maryland State Plane Coordinate System to United States National Grid or Latitude/Longitude


Web Map Services

Maryland State Plane
Web Mercator
Administrative and Other Boundaries - - View View
Annotation - - View View
Business and Economic Development - - View View
Cultural and Society - - View View
DC Basemap View View View View
Demographic - - View View
Education View View View View
Elevation - - View View
Environment View View View View
Facility and Structure View View View View
Health - - View View
Historic View View View View
Location View View View View
Orthophoto 2011 View View - -
Orthophoto 2010 View View - -
Orthophoto 2008 View View - -
Orthophoto 2007 View View - -
Owner Polygons View View View View
Planning, Landuse and Zoning - - View View
Property and Land View View View View
Property Square Labels View View View View
Public Safety - - View View
Public Service - - View View
Recreation - - View View
Transportation - - View View
Utility and Communication - - View View




Service Need

Web developers can integrate these web services into their website(s). Using these will save time, money and the uncertainty of having the most current data.


Service at a Glance

Provided By: OCTO
Phone: (202) 727-6482
Days: Monday - Friday
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: 200 I Street SE, 5th Floor Washington, DC 20003

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