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Use the MAR Web Data Service in .NET

Add the MAR Web Data Service as a Component to the .NET application:

1. In the WebSite menu, select Add Web Reference

2. In the URL, enter the following URL for the web service and select Go:

3. When Visual Web Developer finds the web service, information about the Web service appears in the Add Web References dialog box.

Note: If you cannot add a reference to a web service, it might be that the proxy server is not configured correctly. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options, click Connections, and then click LAN Settings. Select the Bypass proxy server for local addresses check box. Additionally, set the proxy server address to the exact name of the proxy server instead of allowing Internet Explorer to detect the proxy server. For more information, contact the network administrator.

4. Select one of the method links. The test page for the method appears.

5. Select Add Reference

Visual Web Developer creates an App_WebReferences folder and adds a folder to it for the new Web reference. By default, Web references are assigned a namespace corresponding to their server name (in this case, Make a note of the name for the Web reference namespace. In the folder, Visual Web Developer adds a .wsdl file that references the Web service. It also adds supporting files, such as discovery (.disco and .discomap) files, that include information about where the Web service is located.

Call the MAR Web Data Service Methods:

1. Visual Basic

Dim locationVerifier As New MARWebreference.LocationVerifier
returns As New MARWebreference.ReturnObject
returns = locationVerifier.findLocation(strLocation) 




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Follow the instructions to add the Master Address Repository (MAR) Web Data Service as a component to a .NET application.


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