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Shared Infrastructure Services

Shared Infrastructure Services provides the underlying foundation for enterprise IT within the District government ranging from desktop computing environments to data center based mainframe and state-of-the-art IT systems.

This division contains the following seven activities:

Mainframe Operations: provides reliable, secure and efficient computing environments with sufficient resource capacity to satisfy the information processing requirements of the agencies served by OCTO’s data centers and sustains the mainframe hardware and software that support mission-critical applications used by DMV, DOES, MPD, OCFO and UDC to provide services.

Data Center Facilities: maintains the premises for OCTO’s data center sites, including electrical power, airflow and physical security, with consideration for environmentally-friendly solutions.

Server Operations: supports enterprise back-ups, maintenance and management for mission-critical citywide applications, the portal and associated databases.

Telecommunications Governance: manages a portfolio of approved vendors and contract vehicles to purchase telecommunications products and services in compliance with procurement guidelines and works with all District agencies to monitor and certify telecommunications inventories (land lines, cellular devices, pagers, data circuits) to best manage overall telecommunications spend.

DC Network Operations Center (NOC): provides 24x7x365 monitoring for critical network components that support the citywide network infrastructure for the DC Government.

DC Net: provides secure managed voice, video and data services throughout the District. DC Net is a fiber-optic telecommunications platform providing the core foundation and primary backbone transport for all technology and telecommunications services used by over 35,000 District employees.

Email: provides collaborative email services delivering over 1 million messages daily to 44,000 mailboxes across the DC Government.


Program at a Glance

Program Title: Shared Infrastructure Services
Type: Administrative



Provides the underlying foundation for enterprise IT within the District government.



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