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Program Management Office

The Program Management Office provides management, business consulting services and business application support to agencies, so that they can effectively develop and maintain new IT applications and improve service delivery through effective integration of technology solutions.

This division contains the following three activities:

Agency Technology Oversight & Support: provides the Portfolio Management, Project Management and Enterprise Contracts functions. The Portfolio Management function acts as the point of contact between all agencies and OCTO and oversees District technology projects in partnership with agency IT leads to ensure IT project success. The Project Management function provides a consistent, robust suite of methodology and process standardization (estimation, schedule and financial management tools) and workforce training designed to improve the quality and consistency of project management. Enterprise Contracts reviews District-wide technology contracts for cost avoidance opportunities.

Business Process Re-engineering: provides TechStat and OCTO Labs. TechStat, modeled after the CapStat program, looks at OCTO’s internal functions and IT functions in other agencies to improve processes, identify efficiencies and hold staff accountable for performance. OCTO Labs pilots and launches innovative solutions within OCTO, like Apps for Democracy, DC's Wikipedia, Procurement Contract Wiki Site and many more.

Regional & Community Technology Initiatives: supports the deployment of wireless infrastructure for use by DC Government employees and the public to achieve increased mobile, wireless connectivity.


Program at a Glance

Program Title: Program Management Office
Type: Administrative



Provides management, business consulting services and business application support to agencies.



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