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Telecommunications Frequently Asked Questions

OCTO has established policies, guidelines and procedures for the proper use and management of IT equipment and tools for the District of Columbia. Learn more about telecommunications use within the District government.



What does the OCTO Telecommunications Program provide to agencies?

OCTO Telecommunications, also known as the Department of Telecommunications Governance, manages all aspects of the District Government’s telecommunications needs, including but not limited to, providing District agencies with telecommunications recommendations, guidance, and training along with processing of all request for the additions, moves, changes and disconnection of landlines and wireless services and devices as well as  negotiating wireless service plans and pricing, telephone equipment, telephone systems, and voice messaging services.

The mission is to establish and maintain citywide telecommunications policy, standards and procedures, and review all telecommunication requests (RTS) to ensure that DC Government budgetary, technical and service standards are met. Our mission is to assist all agency customers in reaching resolution on their telecom request and problems in an accountable and expeditious manner. Our mission is to serve as a citywide central point of contact for all telecommunications resources and requirements.


What is the availability of the telecommunications staff?

In order to accomplish the mission, the team consists of staff who are experts, knowledgeable and skilled in the field of telecommunications. The telecom staff is available to work with any citywide agency to ensure that telecommunication requests and purchases are meeting agency needs as well as the District of Columbia Government standards. The team’s goals are based on the needs of the District of Columbia agencies and ultimately the residents of the District of Columbia.