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Enhanced Address Ranges Now Available in the DC Street Centerline File

Story at a Glance 

Correct address ranges define potential addresses for every street segment in the District and are critical to transportation services such as routing.


The District Department of Transportation maintains a Street Spatial Database (SSD) with all of the District's streets captured as centerlines.  This street centerline dataset is used for routing applications, cartographic mapping, analysis and other transportation applications services in DC government. Critical to these services are the address ranges which define potential addresses for every street segment in the District.  The DC Geographic Information Systems (DC GIS) program at OCTO updated the address ranges so they are more complete and useful.

While the address ranges were populated and checked during the original creation of the SSD, issues existed related to address range integrity and completeness.  Consequently, DC GIS updated and enhanced the address ranges in the street centerline file in the fall of 2007.  Using the addresses in the Master Address Repository and existing ranges in the street centerline file, DC GIS performed the following tasks:

  • Checked the integrity and completeness of theoretical ranges for street segments.
  • Identified and repaired segments where address range gaps, overlaps, and duplications existed.
  • Assigned address ranges to new street segments. 

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) integrated the updated ranges into the Street Spatial Database in January 2008.  In addition, DC GIS developed procedures to review and update address ranges as new streets are identified and added to the street spatial database.  The DDOT street centerline file is available via the DC GIS Data Clearinghouse.