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District of Columbia to Survey Residents on Broadband Adoption

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The survey will be conducted from 5/9/2011 – 6/6/2011. Calls will be made by a professional market research firm to all Wards.


The District of Columbia Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Telecommunication Information Administration will be conducting a District-wide telephone survey to determine how and why DC residents use and do not use the Internet.

The survey will be conducted beginning May 9th, 2011 through June 6th, 2011. These calls will be made by a professional market research firm to all Ward constituents.  If called, District residents are encouraged to participate in the survey.  The overall objective is to provide a reliable baseline estimate of the current use of and demand for broadband Internet access in the District of Columbia.

Objectives of the Survey

  • To determine the level of broadband adoption throughout the District; identify underserved communities, learn reasons for the lack of broadband adoption, identify potential solutions for low adoption areas, and measure effectiveness of the District’s digital inclusion programs (WiFi hotspots, library computers, recreation center computers, etc.).
  • To implement solutions for bridging the digital divide; promote the use of technology and broadband adoption.


The survey will take approximately 15 minutes per call, to complete. Questions or concerns about the survey may be addressed to the District of Columbia Geographic Information System (DC GIS) program at (202) 727-2277.