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DC MAR Wins 2006 FOSE Centers of Excellence Award

Story at a Glance 

The MAR is recognized as a leading project enhancing the business of government in the District of Columbia.


The DC Master Address Repository (MAR) received the FOSE Centers of Excellence Award during the 30th Anniversary of the FOSE Conference. A panel of editors from Government Computer News chose the database as one of five top projects to receive this honor. The FOSE Award recognizes the MAR for its enhancement of the business of government.

The Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) of the District of Columbia developed the MAR, a database of building locations and addresses, to solve inconsistencies in reporting addresses throughout local jurisdictions and government agencies. The MAR is one of the first citywide applications to use the District’s new service-oriented architecture to allow DC agencies to view the capabilities of the MAR as a series of web services that send and receive XML.

“Addresses are the most important location information in government; they are necessary for everything we do,” explained Suzanne Peck, chief technology officer for the District of Columbia. “Building permits, crime reports, tax assessments and emergency response are just a few examples of why correct and consistent information are key to making the District government run effectively.”

The Master Address Repository standardizes the way the database stores addresses, eliminates inconsistencies in address reporting, improves analysis and strengthens inter-agency communication systems. The program’s address standardization allows the District government to compare information across databases and agencies more easily. The MAR assigns a unique Address Identification Number (AID) and map coordinates to each address and also determines the address’s specific property square, lot number, ward, Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) and Police Service Area (PSA).

Several government agencies currently use the database and web service, which has eliminated the lengthy process of notifying multiple agencies of new addresses. Now when the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) issues an address for a new building, the agency enters the change into the MAR, which gives other government agencies immediate access to the most current address database.

“The automated MAR saves the District time and money by reducing the resources needed to keep accurate and up-to-date records,” said Barney Krucoff, DC’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program manager. “The MAR also makes it easier to perform cross-cutting analysis among databases, because addresses are no longer stored with various spellings or formats.”

Residents and visitors will be able to access the MAR online beginning this summer. The public interface will allow Internet users to query an address or location. The MAR will then deliver specific information about that property or area online. Users can find out additional information about the area including locations near the address and directions to the address.

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