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Build Apps and Maps with DC ArcGIS 10.2 Map Services


The District of Columbia launched its new ArcGIS Server 10.2 map services.  DC’s map services are open to all; therefore, it is important that District agency stakeholders along with developers from businesses and the general public, move to immediately update any web application consuming 9.3.1 map services.

The Chief Technology Office completed updates to District agency web applications that it is aware of.  This included over 20 distinct apps authored by the DC GIS group.  A complete list of DC government online map applications can be found on the DC GIS website.  Information and samples for these new web map services can be found on DC GIS’ Develop Websites Using GIS Services page.

ArcGIS Server 10.2 map services provide a centralized location for users to integrate regularly updated DC government location based data.  It is a fast and dependable service that can be used in ArcGIS Desktop, web, mobile applications and  The District of Columbia ArcGIS Online organization contains all map services; click to view.

For example, the District’s basemap service provides users with a quick and all-encompassing data view of map layers such as streets, building footprints, sidewalks and more.  The new 10.2 map service web address is:

If your DC agency owns customized map applications and you are unsure whether you need to upgrade, please contact the DC GIS group at