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Broadband Availability Survey and Speed Test

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The DC broadband use survey and speed test gives District residents and organizations the opportunity to become a part of the data collection process to gain better insight of broadband adoption rates and usage.


The District of Columbia is working to gain better insight of broadband adoption and usage within the District.  A necessary component of this project will be to collect data from individuals, government agencies, non-profits, corporate entities and community anchor institutions inside the District boundary. How can you help?  Take the District of Columbia’s Broadband Survey and Speed Test.

The effort to map the District’s broadband access and adoption will require the direct participation of its citizens and organizations operating inside DC.  This means we need YOUR help!  We encourage you to assist DC government by taking the quick broadband use survey and testing your connection speed.

Would you like to know which broadband providers are in your area?  Visit the DC Broadband Map.  Enter your address and a list of broadband providers for that location will be returned.   The interactive map also provides information on type of service offered and advertised upload and download speeds.  The broadband use survey and speed test will add information such as aggregated upload/download speeds, summarized service costs, adoption rates and an overall view of broadband satisfaction.  

The applications and broadband provider information are the result of the District’s State Broadband Initiative (SBI), a federal grant program funded by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.  The semi- annual SBI data collection and mapping effort is led by the DC Chief Technology Office’s (OCTO) DC GIS Program and the DC Public Service Commission (PSC).   OCTO and the PSC are working to identify the level of broadband service offered in the District in collaboration with broadband providers, community anchor institutions, contractors, and other government agencies.

Visit to learn more about the District’s work to advance citywide broadband access.  Questions regarding the survey and speed test can be submitted to

Both the broadband use survey and speed test are intended for users inside the District boundary.  The states of Maryland and Virginia each have their respective sites: and