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Mayor Vincent C. Gray to Speak At White House Rally This Saturday

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WHAT/WHO: Mayor Vincent C. Gray will rally with Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, DC Shadow Delegation, leaders of DC Vote, voting rights advocates,
community leaders, faith-based leaders, and others as they call on the President to demonstrate his support for disenfranchised residents in the
nation’s capital; the rally will be a family-friendly event to include speeches by national and local community leaders and elected officials
intermingled with musical performances, choirs, painting "voting arm" sculptures, poster-making stations and more.

Organizations in support of the rally include Anacostia Coordinating Council, Washington Ethical Society, and Washington Teachers’ Union, DC
Democratic State Committee and The League of Women Voters, among others.

WHEN/WHERE: Saturday, June 25, 2011, 11:15 am – 11:45 am

BACKGROUND: DC continues to suffer the indignity of second class citizenship. “Why should our budget have to be approved by Congress?,” said Mayor Gray. “Why do our laws go before Congress for approval? Why is it that our Congresswoman is without a vote in our national legislative body? And why should our budget be the target of social riders imposed by legislators who do not live here and would not try these things in their home jurisdiction? It is time for an ‘All Hands on Deck’ approach to bring justice and equality to the District of Columbia. And we need our President to be captain of the ship leading the way to freedom.”

For more information, check in with DC Vote, on Twitter and Facebook for more details.