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Gray Administration Releases Report on Accomplishments of Its First 200 Days in Office

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(WASHINGTON, DC) — Maintaining his commitment to transparency in government, Mayor Vincent C. Gray today released a report on “The First 200 Days” of his administration, summarizing many of his administration’s most significant accomplishments in implementing the “One City” agenda during its first months in office.

“This report highlights some of the various accomplishments my administration has achieved in the first few months since I took office,” said Mayor Gray. “And the work that has begun continues as we improve service delivery and better position the District of Columbia as a world-class city and a global capital.”

The report outlines accomplishments in the Gray Administration’s four priority areas of quality education, fiscal stability, jobs and economic development and safe communities.

Among the many achievements mentioned in the report are:

selection of a strong and experienced education team;
the decision to allocate $80 million in additional revenues to public education;
production of a structurally balanced budget for the first time in several years;
identification of additional revenue that is expected to lessen the impact of pending budget cuts;
creation of job opportunities and revenue for the city with new economic development projects;
the launch, with the support of D.C. Superior Court, of a cross-agency initiative to reduce truancy; and,secured funding for an additional 220 police officers in FY 2012.
The full report of accomplishments is now available online at