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October 06, 2011

Mayor Vincent C. Gray Reflects on the Passing of Apple Founder Steve Jobs 

Mayor Vincent C. Gray Reflects on the Passing of Apple Founder Steve Jobs

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(WASHINGTON, DC) – Mayor Vincent C. Gray and District Chief Technology Officer Rob Mancini today noted the death of former Apple CEO and technology visionary Steve Jobs, whose innovations had a significant impact not only on the entire country, but also on District government operations.

“The world lost a visionary and a pioneer yesterday when Steve Jobs passed away,” said Mayor Gray. “His legacy has played an integral role in how we drive innovation in the District government, and in the way our city is becoming a high-tech-industry hub and a leading government adopter of new technologies.”

Over the past decade the District of Columbia has attracted and grown some of the world’s largest technology corporations, including Blackboard, Bloomberg Government and Living Social. The District’s technology legacy has recently been augmented by the birth of more than 200 tech start-ups and a vibrant entrepreneurial community that is taking Jobs’ visionary advice to heart by promoting innovation, growing our local economy, and creating jobs.

“It would be reasonable to say that Apple's products have as large or larger a presence in the District government as compared to the IT marketplace at large,” said Mancini. “Under the leadership of Steve Jobs, Apple put cutting-edge technology into the hands of the public, and enabled the government to connect with them. As a result, we are able to operate faster and more efficiently.”

The District government has made notable enhancements to computer labs in DC Public Schools, libraries and recreation centers. In fact, Mancini said, “Mac computers make up more than 50 percent of the 17,000 systems in DC Public Schools. What's more notable is the durability of the products; we have more than 2,000 iMacs that are at least eight years old, which is truly a testament to the quality of Apple products."