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February 15, 2011

Mayor Gray Releases Transition Committee Reports 

Mayor Gray Releases Transition Committee Reports

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WASHINGTON -- Today Mayor Vincent C. Gray released publicly the findings and recommendations of eight committees that, as part of the transition process to his administration from the previous mayor’s, studied a broad range of the District of Columbia’s governmental operations with an eye toward improving them.

“Over the coming weeks, I will direct my City Administrator and Deputy Mayors to consider the findings and recommendations within these reports,” said Mayor Gray, in a cover letter introducing the reports and thanking the scores of District residents who worked to compile them. “I invite you to continue to reach out to my administration with your thoughts and insights. Thank you again for your efforts on behalf of the District of Columbia.”

The reports offer recommendations on a broad array of issues -- ranging from better maintenance of Department of Public Works vehicles to improving stakeholder participation in decisions about the public-education system to facilitating a more effective system of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions.

The reports and executive summaries are posted on the Gray 2010 Transition website at In addition to the material already provided, the Education Committee will finalize and augment the online version of its report with information and recommendations from the many community stakeholder meetings – including a recent meeting with representatives of the Washington Teachers’ Union – it has held.

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