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Meet the Congressional Delegation

Learn more about who represents the District.



Paul Strauss
US Senator (Shadow), District of Columbia
Contact: (202) 727-7890

Paul Strauss is serving his third term as US senator for the District of Columbia. As a non-voting representative to the US Senate, Strauss lobbies the Senate and the House of Representatives on behalf of DC citizens in their attempt to gain full federal representation, self-determination and eventually admittance to the union as the nation’s 51st state. Senator Strauss also works closely with DC’s Congressional Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, the Mayor and the DC Council members to advance the interest of local residents on federal issues.


Michael D. Brown
US Senator (Shadow), District of Columbia
Contact: (202) 741-5019

The Honorable Michael D. Brown is currently serving is first term as the Junior United States Senator for the District of Columbia. First elected in 2006, Senator Brown works to promote DC Statehood and full voting rights for the citizens of the District of Columbia. Prior to his election as senator, he was an elected member of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3E, representing Single Member District 3E-02. He serves as president of the Western Avenue Citizens Association and is a vestry member of St. David's Episcopal Church.


Senator Michael D. Brown was elected in 2006 with 84% of the vote. He serves the people of the District of Columbia as an advocate for statehood and voting rights. He has traveled across America speaking on these issues and helped in the effort to pass the 2008 DC Voting Rights Act. In the 110th Congress this bill passed the House and came three votes short of cloture in the Senate. He maintains an office at the Wilson Building where he works with the DC Council on issues that affect the District at the federal level. President-elect Obama has said that “even without a vote (Senator Brown) has always been a strong advocate for the rights of DC residents.” His current term expires in 2013.

For the past 24 years he has been the President of Horizon Communications, a DC based consulting firm that provides services to Democratic candidates and public interest groups nationwide. He has worked on many Presidential Campaigns and was an Obama Super-Delegate at the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver. In addition, he helps train Democratic Candidates who run for public office and was a former Director at the Democratic National Committee here in Washington. He is also an elected Democratic Committeeman, former ANC Commissioner and President of the Western Avenue Citizens Association. Senator Brown is a graduate of the University of Maryland. He believes that the best way to enfranchise the citizen of Washington is through statehood.


Nate Bennett-Fleming
US Representative (Shadow), District of Columbia
Contact: (202) 727-9110

The Honorable Nate Bennett-Fleming is currently serving his first term as the United States Representative for District of Columbia, a position he was first elected to in 2013. Representative Fleming works to bring attention to the District’s lack of voting representation in Congress and limited home rule.