Mayor Vincent C. Gray


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Education Reform in the District of Columbia 

The District of Columbia has an exciting, dynamic education reform agenda underway. There are little over 200 schools to serve just over 72,000 students, providing parents numerous quality educational options from which to choose.

The DCPS school system has shown remarkable improvement in the past three years under the Mayor’s education reform plan, and is leading the nation in terms of gains in student achievement. On virtually every measure – from statewide and national assessments to graduation rates to a growing enrollment, DCPS is on pace to become one of the highest performing jurisdictions in the country. And with an aggressive school modernization program underway through the Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization, our schools finally resemble the learning environments our kids deserve.

The District is also proud of its vibrant and robust public charter school sector, comprising over 50 individual charter schools on 90 campuses. Public charter schools can be found in every ward and provide academic programs at every level, from early childhood to adults. High-performing charter schools often work in partnership with DCPS schools, creating a network of schools that share the goal of raising student achievement through innovation, reform, and accountability.

DC education leaders are innovators in areas of human capital recruitment, retention, and training; charter school innovation and collaboration; and school turnaround. With dedicated leaders and teachers, data-driven strategies and decision-making, and an unparalleled focus on instruction, DC is on a path toward closing the achievement gap and ensuring that every student, regardless of where he or she is from, has the opportunity to realize his or her potential.



To make DC one of the highest performing jurisdictions in the country


Program at a Glance

Program Title: Education Reform in the District of Columbia
Type: Planning and Strategy