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About DC.Gov

  • DC.Gov serves residents & visitors

    About DC.Gov

    DC.Gov serves residents & visitors

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    DC.Gov is recognized nationally.

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    Find out what's new with DC.Gov

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DC.Gov Redesign: New Look and Features

DC.Gov has grown leaps and bounds over the past couple of years, and will continue to evolve as we transition to a new look and feel and incorporate more tools that will help you find city services and information.

Over the next year all websites within DC.Gov will transition to a new design and will offer new features as part of an effort to improve the level of service and transparency to residents, businesses and visitors that use DC.Gov to access District services and information. Twenty District agencies have already converted to the new design over the last year including: the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) and the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR).

During this transition, links may be broken or may direct you to pages that look quite different from one another. Please contact us with any comments or suggestions.

The last redesign to the DC.Gov homepage took place in 2007 while individual agency sites were last updated in 2002. The redesign process will continue through the first quarter of 2011.

The new website seeks to achieve the following:

Improved Accessibility – Ensuring that web components meet Section 508 accessibility regulations governing web accessibility for residents with disabilities.
Offer Intuitive Navigation – Using dynamic menus and graphics that allow visitors to move through the site as quickly and naturally as possible.
Offer Mobile Access – Improving access to web content on mobile devices. As part of the project, the District intends to launch a new mobile platform for DC.Gov in late August 2010.
Incorporate Web 2.0 functionality – Connecting social networks, email subscriptions and multimedia.
Provide Sustainability – Reducing the number of steps required to modify or add content so agencies can ensure content stays current for the public.

Universal features include:

  • Improved Search
  • Breadcrumb Trails
  • Standard Navigation
  • Text Resizing
  • Printer-Friendly Versions
  • Share / Bookmark Content
  • Social Media

Be sure to use the various links at the top and bottom of every page to find agency information, phone numbers, District news, job opportunities, email subscriptions and more.